1. Nice site and great pictures…speaking as a woman of course…hahaha. Very nicely laid out and great explanation on how these exercises are done. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hey – thanks for the suggestions. I am six feet six so struggle with back pain. As a martial artist I also know that core strength is an absolute must.

    It’s amazing how much you use your core on a day to day basis. What sort of ration do you give to your obliques? I.e. would you do the same amount on each oblique as you would straight forward crunches?

    Paul 🙂

    • Thank you Paul for your keen interest on this particular post. You should do half of the number you do on a straight crunches for each oblique. However, you can always do more if your stamina allows you.

      Speaking of stamina and strength, you may always use supplements that would provide you with the strength to develop a strong oblique muscle and the whole body in general.

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