1. San

    Hello Nnamdi,
    I really like your site it is full of great information regarding working out.
    As far as whey protein I am allergic to it, is there an alternative source that you recommend? I am 53 years old and I mostly do aerobic workouts to burn fat, but I find that I get weaker as I lose weight if I do not get enough protein into my diet to control muscle strain and use.

    • admin

      Hello San, You have got options, 1. Isolate is good if you are only allergic to the lactose and not the whey protein itself. And the whey protein is 100% unlike some products that have 80% instead.

      2. Egg White Protein- Is yet another option, it does not have any dairy content in it, made from white egg.

      3. Powdered Beef Isolate– This is made from beef.

      If you have any question as to any of the products, there a 24/7 customer support that will be more than willing to help you out.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Jimmy

    I always have the misconceptions that protein shake is used to make your muscle grows bigger. So if you want to have a bigger frame of yourself just drink protein shake. Thanks for clarifying in your post. So let say i exercise 3 times a week does it mean i able to take the shake 3 times a week too?

    • admin

      Hello Jimmy, protein shakes helps to produce muscles naturally, unlike when someone is using steroids that will alter your hormones and redesign your body structure to that of a monstrous macho man. That is the difference between the two.

  3. Tanya

    Thanks for all of the great information about protein shakes. I am always switching back and forth between whey protein and vegetarian protein powders as my naturopath has told me I should avoid dairy. I honestly don’t think I have an issue with dairy, but I am willing to try vegetarian/vegan protein powders.

    I have always read that whey is absorbed quicker and better than any other type of protein which is why I usually go back to whey.

    Do you have any information on vegan protein powders?

    • admin

      Hello Tanya, I do know that Vegan protein powder is yet another excellent option for people that are looking for a way to boost their protein intake on the go. Usually works just like any typical protein supplements, is just that is not a dairy product but from a plant. But you should stick to the one that best suits you.

  4. Hey,

    I wish my mom would read this post because she always tells me off for taking Protein shakes. She thinks they can cause cancer and all sorts of nonsense.

    This is a great and informative post. Anyone going to the gym wanting to see serious results should at least consider protein shakes. When I first started off I asked loads of people and most of them gave me very uninformative answers about how much to take which type etc.

    I ended up doing my own research until I started taking it. I wish I landed on this site earlier as it’s super informative and really doesn’t leave anything out.

    Great site!


    • Thank you Esteban, that is what ignorance can cause. People usually conclude and create their own theories to issues. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Charlotte

    Hello Nnamdi, I actually like it but I’m a little bit confused about the best time to take the protein shake, you are saying it’s better directly after the workout and above you are advising to take 0.7 gram for 1 pound of body weight, so my worry is: actually after workout you loose some pounds of weight and I think it’s not seen directly, so how will you be sure that you are not taking too much protein, as you considered the before workout weight?

    • admin

      Hello Charlotte, you ain’t going to be taking too much as the protein you take after workout is for muscle repair and recovery, therefore, it won’t be too much so long you abide by the recommended dosage.

  6. Hi Nnamdi,

    I completely agree that protein shakes are a fantastic muscle recovery/building supplement (I quite often use them myself, for both pre- and post-workout). However, you might want to mention casein protein powder as well – it’s absorbed more slowly than whey, which makes it ideal to take before bed (whereas whey is a great post-workout powder due to the fact that it is absorbed faster, and thus assists in muscle recovery better).

    Also, casein powder usually contains more thickening agent, which can make for more delicious and thicker smoothies. Just something worth thinking about!

    • Thank you, Dominic, I should have mentioned it, but you did. Casein is great at bedtime, because it is slow to absorb into the body, and since the body also needs to be fed with protein even at bedtime.

  7. hi Nnamdi
    I did not know that one needed so much protein in a day! Holy, that is a lot! I used to drink protein shakes every morning. But I used to drink it before I worked out. I see now from your article that the best time to take it is after. It makes sense though as your body needs to repair itself after the workshop. Thanks for the tips!

    • You are welcome Emily, and I am glad you found it helpful.

  8. Keye

    What can I put in the protein shake to make it taste better?

    • Hello Keye, there are different kinds in flavor and taste, you can check it out and know which one appeals to you.

  9. Bob

    I am a regular gym customer, and what you’re sayin’ makes a lot of sense. I would just want to say that I take one protein shake everyday as a starter.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this with us!
    Cheers, Bob

    • Hello Bob, that is nice of you, but do make sure you take it as at when due and also keep to the recommended quantity.

  10. Jurgen78

    Hi Nnamdi, this was very interesting to read. I’ve done a lot of fitness in my younger years, but I never really put a lot of effort on what to eat before or after a workout. So I had sore muscles and also had days when I just didn’t have enough strength to perform my workout. Recently I’ve started again with some high intensity interval training and your article makes me realize that it’s not that hard to get enough protein in my body. I will sure look into it further!

    • admin

      Yes Jurgen, you need to be refueling in order to allow the muscles to recover and also have the strength to do some more workouts. Do try to take enough of protein especially now that you have resumed exercising.

  11. Travis Smithers

    Hi Nnamdi,

    Back for another revisit to check out your post about protein shakes this time. Your right about the deception that some others put out there that your going to magically bulk up by drinking Protein shakes.

    I like the fact that you keep it real by telling the truth about what the product can do in this case, make up for the nutrients required by your body after depleting them from a work out by using a protein shake.

    Great information on product benefits and usage.

    • admin

      Thank you Travis, I try to bring everything just the way it is.

  12. Todd

    Great article that really explains what protein shakes are all about. I like to have one or two a week just to supplement my diet and exercise. Too many people think just eating and drinking protein will increase their muscle. They forget about doing the hard work! Is it better to take it afterwards or before exercise?

    • admin

      Thank youTodd for dropping by, as a matter fact it is best taken after exercise. And you pointed out, you should not replace your meal with protein shake, but then make sure you take a proportion that is recommended for better results.

  13. Stu

    Great stuff! I currently workout and have always wrestled with the idea of protein shakes. They work great as a meal replacement and as a post workout supplement. If you aren’t working out, as you said, it is utterly pointless. I’ve found myself drinking them when it hasn’t been too beneficial to do so.

    I’m glad you pointed out that fact, because sometimes all they will do is make you fat 😛 I’ve learned the hard way that they won’t do anything if not in conjunction with heavy workouts, and proper nutrition. I’ve definitely been that guy who drinks them without having everything else in order.

    Anywho, Great site! Hope to see more in the future

  14. Darrien

    This is a great article clearing up any irrational fears many have about protein powders. Obviously, anything in excess will eventually cause negative effects on the body. A few shakes a day should be fine, I think. I use one after I workout, add a scoop to my oatmeal for most breakfasts, and sometimes a shake before bed. I’ll let you know if I ever have liver failure haha.

  15. NemiraB

    Hello, here you offer great option. An option between steak and protein powder. I guess it mostly for people who live an active life. It is here limits such as teenagers or seniors? I wonder who produces these protein shakes? Do they have GMO inside ? Do these products have an permit from FDA? I ask about it, because there are so much misleading information, what is good for you or no. I discovered great mix from green peas and rice. For me is enough proteins, because for yoga you do not need so much energy as for muscles building.
    Thanks for spreading word about these products, regards, Nemira.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello NemiraB, you sure have lots of questions about protein shakes. All supplements are not controlled or regulated by FDA, therefore, any person can produce/manufacture supplement and market it through the internet. Therefore, it is only imperative to do a thorough research on any supplement you are interested in before buying. And if you can get enough protein from the foods you consume, then, you don’t need the supplement.

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