Best Chest Building Exercises-See The Easy Ways

Obviously, the chest is one of the body parts that need to be built when trying to build up the body. As a matter of fact, the chest is one of the basic parts of the body that must be built, otherwise, your bodybuilding will be half-baked. That is why I have tried to cover different parts of the body with articles on how to build them and doing it the right way.

You may want to look up how to build strong legs, How to exercise the obliques, build shoulder muscles and even the right supplements to use in order to achieve your goal optimally. These articles that I mentioned are just a few of them, just take out the time to explore the site, you will be amazed to find lots of interesting posts that are geared to helping you achieve your goal.

But for now, we are going to be discussing on the best chest building exercises, OK? Here we go!

Anatomy Of The Chest

First, let’s look at what the chest is made up of so that we can best understand how to exercise it. The chest is literally made up of two different muscles, the first is called the pectoralis major and the second, pectoralis minor.  Pectoralis minor is usually underneath the pectoralis major.

And the thing is that you don’t just want to build a big massive chest but one that is full and proportionate, right?

Now let’s see the best chest building exercises.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell press is mostly good and suitable for everyone, unlike the barbell bench press that is likely to make some people suffer from a torn pec. In order to do this the right way, you have to follow the instructions below.

To do the dumbbell press correctly, get hold of the dumbbells in each hand, lie down on a flat bench. With your feet on the floor, start pushing the dumbbells on both hands above your chest and back again. make sure that the position of these dumbbells is in a horizontal pattern.

Push Up

This is not the conventional kind of push up you may be used to, but one with a slight difference. The twist is that your hands are going to be close to each other, hence it is called close-hand push-up.

When the hands are close, at least six inches apart and your body straight from shoulder to your feet, you will have more impact on the chest while doing the push-up. Ideally, use a weight in form of a weighted vest or a sandbag to increase the weight on your arms and shoulder while doing the push-up.

Slowly go down and back up until your elbows are locked, then do it all over again.

Cable Cross Over

Cable crossover is yet another way of getting chest build up. You may want to consider using cable crossover 21s that will allow you to exercise the chest from every angle, from the high to the mid-level and the lower crossover in a tri-set. Always keep the body in stationary position, so that the chest can have the contraction when you are doing the exercise from the shoulders.

Start from the low position

You will start with the cables in the lower position, hold on to handles with one leg forward and the other behind. Bend forward from the hip a bit then pull the cable that is in underhand grip upward to face level. The movement will be as though you are scooping while pulling to the face level and back again. Do this seven times (7) reps.

Mid Position cable crossover

When you are done with the low position, it is time for the mid position. Start off in the same stance as in the low position by bending a bit forward with one foot at the front and the other behind. The cable will be in a chest level while you hold on the grips, pull/push the handles to the front of your chest until both hands are stretched out in front of you. Then, let the cable return back to former position. While doing so, try to resist and control the return and pause if you feel any stretch at your chest. Repeat this exercise seven times, (7) reps.

High position cable crossover

Then finally get into the high position cable crossover, which you will see the video below. This is your typical cable crossover. You will pull the cable from a little bit above your head, using the same stance of leaning a bit forward. Then simply pull the handles down to the level of your upper abdomen. Make sure that your palm/grip is facing inward. Return the pulled cable back until your arms are back and up with the feeling of a good stretch on your chest. Pause and repeat the exercise up to seven reps.

Incline Kettle Bell Flye

The incline kettlebell flye is a little bit difficult than using the dumbbells. Just as I have explained in the dumbbell press, lie on a bench with the kettlebell flye held in your both hands on each side of the body stretched out. Push/pull your arms upward until both palms/grips are facing each other, a movement just like a hugging motion.

Try to use kettlebell flyes that are at least 10 pounds lighter than the weight of dumbbells that you used previously in dumbbell press. This is because, the weight of kettlebell flye seem to be below your grip, making it harder for you to pull it over than the dumbbells.


When you do the stipulated moves in this post, your chest will definitely be transformed from what it is now to a better full, proportionate, built chest. I would also suggest you

look up other posts on bodybuilding so that you will have a complete information on how to build all the different parts of the body, which will ultimately help you to build that body you have always desired.

If you have questions or contributions, do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.

14 thoughts on “Best Chest Building Exercises-See The Easy Ways”

  1. hi Nnamdi!
    I am happy to see that I do all those exercises to build my chest 🙂
    as a woman I obviously do not want to have a huge chest. But I do want to have muscles. I have a muscular built due to me working out almost every day. I just feel better after I have worked out. I like the incline bench fly exercise. It works well and you can feel the burn. Sometimes, however, when I do it, I sometimes pinch a nerve or something in the middle of my back. Any ideas why?

    1. Hello Emily, nice to hear that you do almost all of the exercises here on the post. As a woman, why would you have a chest? You already have one, lol. Now, you can do that, but not with so much intensity OK? As for the pinch you feel on your back nerve is OK, so long you are not having any pain whatsoever after the workout. Incline kettle bell flye is kind of far more reaching to the pecs to the point that they activate other muscles around the chest, including the back in order to carry out the task of doing the incline kettle bell flye. Just make sure that your elbow is curved a little bit so that you will have a strong arm and shoulder to do the moves.

  2. What a great article full of information on the Best Chest Building Exercises. By looking at the video I now realize that had been doing these dumbbell press’s the wrong way. Not having anyone showing me different I didn’t realize that arching your back was wrong and that I should reduce the weight.

    I got a lot out of the Close Hand Pushups as we use to do a lot of these in the military.
    I do find as the trainer pointed out, that need to watch how close you get as it can hurt your elbows.

    I do agree that you do need a proportionate built chest and you’ve provided lots of training tips to aide in achieving that goal. Great information and it looks like I got some work to do by going through your training tips.

    I haven’t done any exercises like this in awhile, do you think just starting out I should include Cable Cross Over in my workout?


    1. Hello Markus, your objective is to build all the different parts of the body, if you are just starting out. Therefore, all the exercises including cable crossover should also be included in your routine. So, yes you should include cable crossover in your workout.

  3. I’ve been trying to build pecs up a bit more, even though I’m a female. I seem to have a lot of difficulty targeting the chest muscles though, I think my stronger muscles like arms/back seem to take over and do all the work. I will try those narrow width push ups and see how I go. Do you have any general tips for getting the pectoral muscles to activate so that other muscles don’t take over during these moves?

    1. Hello Jolie, do you really want to activate the pecs muscles? Then try the incline kettle bell flye, will notice that the pecs will not only be activated, they will go further to borrow other muscles around to get over with incline kettle flye exercise, lol. But that’s for real.

  4. Beautifully written page and easy to understand instructions. Extremely informative and detailed, it’s written as if coming directly from my personal trainer. At what age would you recommend a young person to start using weights in body building?

    Would it be possible to add exercises/workouts to build up my core? I play golf and having a strong core is crucial in this sport.


    1. Hello Karen, my personal opinion would be at 18, at that age the body would have been fully developed for structuring. I started at about that age, and I think is OK, though some teens that are 16 also go to the gym, but they can’t really do something serious with weight.

      The other question about the core, it is highly recommendable to include it in your exercise, here is how to exercise the obliques, which is one out of many core exercises on the site.

  5. Second question from me, lol.

    Do you have any suggestions on weight ranges to use when chest training?

    Are body weight exercises enough to get positive results like noticeable muscle mass gain, or do you really have to incorporate heavy weights to achieve this? I mostly train at home so don’t have a lot of traditional gym equipment or machines, but I do have some smaller dumbbells.

    1. Hello Jolie, there is no specific weight range, because individuals differ. One person may use 25kg while the other may use something more or less. The thing is that you should start off with what you can carry, then gradually as you progress, you can now increase the weight. Start with something small if you are just starting off, to avoid injury, OK?

      Yes, jolie, you need weight to build muscle mass, you cannot expect to build a massive muscle with 10kg, it is laughable. Use considerable weight and I will recommend you have enough of protein too, it is essential.Body weight can only help when you have already built up the muscles, but then you will still need weight from time to time if you want to keep the muscles as they are.

      I do that a lot, if I find myself where there is no gym, I go on sit ups, push ups and free squat, Bulgarian squat etc. I use my body weight to try to get the body exercised, but that does not mean I will quit real weight.

      I hope this helps.

  6. Great site and fantastic content. I like the site because it’s user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Your content is very informative and I enjoy reading this posts. I would like to start keeping myself in shape your site is definitely something I will be bookmarking to refer to in the future.

  7. I really appreciated all the knowledge on this site. I’m a junior undergrad, and I try to lift weights at the gym 3 times a week. My chest has always been one of my most proud muscle groups. My friends are usually surprised to hear that I can bench 185lbs multiple reps while being 5’4 and 135lbs. However, it’s really my only good chest exercise that I have. I would love to try adding some of these during my next session.

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