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Why do I need an elliptical trainer? One might ask. Well, the reason is simple, because ellipticalsome people are not comfortable doing their workouts around others. So, it is necessary for them to have the best elliptical cross trainer in the comfort of their homes.

And there are also the issues of stress/inconvenience, time and money expended at going to the gym. You have to take the trouble of going to the gym, even if you do not have the time. You have to be paying for gym registrations because most gym establishments are commercialized. Therefore, if you take a minute and calculate the inconveniences and the money spent on the gym, you might as well set up a gym at home.

What Can I Achieve From Elliptical Trainer?

If you are well aware of the gym, you would know the answer to that question. However, for the sake of this review, you can gain so much from the elliptical trainer. It(elliptical trainer) may appear not to be a versatile machine. Yet it is very powerful in its effect on the body.

It could be utilized for different purposes such as; weight loss, for strengthening your core, for firm muscles, and even increasing your stamina and getting fit. It is a cardiovascular machine that is gentle to your joints and lower back than running outdoors or on a treadmill. It is great for people who had a prior injury, for beginners and even professionals. The importance can’t be overstated.

Equipment Description

There are front-drive and rear-drive models of the elliptical trainers. However, the most important things to consider when trying to buy one would be:

The weight of the flywheel should be of importance because that is part of the elements that determine the smooth and consistent motion of the unit.
If you are using for weight loss purpose, ensure that the very model you are purchasing supports your weight adequately.
Also consider the stride length; make sure that the stride length is adjustable to what you elliptical qcould use, especially if you are 6 feet tall or below 5.5 feet tall.
Get an elliptical trainer that has a chest strap monitor; which monitors your heart rate when working out.

If you are the type that gets bored easily with routine, then you should look for an elliptical trainer that has more preset workout; such that may have up to 30 presets. If your workout objective is to be able to lose weight, build stamina then your best bet should be an elliptical trainer that has strength training and fat burning programs.

One of the many good things about an elliptical trainer is that, it has the facility that monitors your workout progress, including your heart rate, distance covered, calories burned out, and workout duration; isn’t that awesome!

There are additional accessories that come with the elliptical trainer; which sole purpose was to remove any distractions that could cause boredom while at the gym. And these are cooling fans, speakers and MP3 player jacks, water bottle holder, and also the ability to log into your home wireless network. With all these extras, you will be able to stay focused and engaged with your workout.


The price for an elliptical trainer differs, as there are models with different and unique features. Hence, the price becomes different. However, price range from $90 to $1300, depending on the functionality of the elliptical trainer.

And you can get a wide range of varieties a the Amazon at considerable prices. Kindly click on the pricing or Amazon link above to display a wide range of elliptical trainers.


Obviously, the elliptical trainer is generally a tangible investment, hence to have a decent warranty just in case a problem struck is a good idea. There are warranties for all the elliptical trainers; usually 3 years on the parts, a year for labor and of course a lifetime for the frame. But this can vary on a particular company’s warranty policy; in other words, companies may have there different policies that cover types of elliptical trainers.

The company also supports assembly questions and getting a solution to any problem that may come up.

Therefore, before you purchase an elliptical trainer, ensure that you get the information on the warranty from the company.


To be physically fit requires determination and effort. Therefore, there is the need to get yourself comfortable while exercising, whenever that is possible. And getting one of those trainers at home is among the ways of making your workout more fun than routine. You can imagine doing your thing at the comfort of your home, with all the things that relax you.

Use any of the links presented in this article to search for the type of elliptical trainer that suits you. There are varieties of them, in design and capacity. Find it now, and create a workout routine in the comfort of your home today!

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  1. I really enjoyed viewing your site. Great information, I bookmarked it for reference. I really liked the review of whey protein powders for which I use on a regular basis. I’m a vegetarian so most of my protein source is from the shakes I consume. I also subscribed to your newsletter and looking forward to reading them as well. I’m on my way to losing some weight with your help. Thank you again for sharing this awesome website!

    1. Hello Alethia, I am delighted that you found my site useful to you. I promise I will keep on posting helpful information that would help you shed some weight. Together, we shall help you achieve your goal. Do visit again.

      Thank you again.

  2. I actually just built my home gym. I’m not really into ellipticals but after viewing your post I may give them a second thought. Good job.

    1. Hi Marcus,
      Did you say you are not into elliptical trainer? Well, may be you love running outdoor. But elliptical trainer comes handy when you don’t feel like running outdoor, and besides it has great effects just as you agreed.

  3. You’re absolutely right an elliptical trainer provides a great workout And I’ve noticed Amazon has some great prices!

  4. hi there!
    I am a big fan of elliptical trainers. It is my cardio of choice at the gym, after kickboxing. I have used the trainers for years now and I always get a good workout out of them. However, every time I have bought one for my home, I was disappointed. Maybe it is because I was not buying the top of the line ones. But every one of them fell apart. Oftentimes the problems are the wheels or the tracks. When they work though, they are great!

    1. Hi Emily, may be you should try and get the ‘top of the line’ ones. Most often, you get what quality you paid for.

  5. Elliptical Cross Trainer is a must for your home gym. Especially for families with twins and more than child. Finding time to go to the gym change be a challenge. Thanks for sharing! Nice content that users can use to make an informative decision.

  6. Great post on elliptical trainers, I have never used one before but may consider it once I have moved and have more space for something like that. I have always enjoyed doing my workouts at home so this would be perfect. Thanks for the info.

    1. That will be great if you get one at home. Hope you will soon get a place with enough space, in order to acquire one of the elliptical trainer.

  7. Great job Nnamdi I admire your site and even though I’m not into body building I believe the information will be useful to those who are. I also love the imaging and checked out your links; they all worked.
    Excellent job.
    See you around the community

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