1. Third Back

    great post, this is really helpful to avoid seemingly good product but in reality is just a junk, but anyway thanks for sharing and also keep up the great work.

  2. Eoinmc

    I never knew about Chromadex. It’s great that you can get quality assurance on Whey Protein products, because there’s so much out there that it’s almost impossible to distinguish the good from the crap. BPI Sports seem to be on the right track by making sure people know they are selling a quality product.

    • Yes Eoinmc, BPI Sports have taking a step further to ensuring safety and quality.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Tebogo

    Your article got me thinking. I currently take a powder product labelled ‘high protein sports shake’ after undergoing a tough workout. The product is manufactured by a company called USN (Ultimate Sport Nutrition). Does this product qualify as whey protein?

    I am also a bit worried now. What if their protein is not legit? I guess I’ll have find a product with a Chromadex seal. Thanks for the info.

    • Hello Tebogo,

      I am sorry that I can not categorically tell you if the protein product you are taking now is legit or not. But, I can assure you that, BPI Sports is certified protein product you can use and rely on at any time.

  4. Marlon

    Hey Nnamdi,

    I just started working out and decided to supplement my protein intake with TwinLab’s Whey Fuel protein powder. It says it has 21 grams of real protein. Can you tell me if this one is good? If not I will definite consider getting the BPI Sports-Whey one in the future.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Marlon,

      People ask me if the protein product they use is OK or not; but the thing is that, I cannot tell you if they are good or not because I have not reviewed some of them, and that does not mean that there are no ‘bad’ ones out there. What I can tell you is that, if you feel good with what you get from the current product you are using, you may continue with it. If not, by all means go for BPI Sports, is certified.

  5. Lis

    Hi Nnamdi, it is good to know that there are companies like Chromadex regulating supplements such as the BPI Sports Whey. I agree that you cannot get all the nutrients you need, nowadays, from just food and that supplements are needed to maximise your protein and other vitamin and mineral intakes.

    I will certainly be looking more carefully at the supplements I take just to ensure that they are the real deal.

    Thank you for this article.

  6. It is good to know how whey protein benefits the human diet. I think of this supplementary is only good for the body builder but I think that it is also good for sport player as well.
    Thanks for the in depth information.

    • Thank you tinnakon, for the visit. And I am very glad you found it useful.

  7. Thanks for pointing out the difference between the good and the bad stuff here, think that´s very important because so many people run into crap and suffer from it!

    • You are right. And that’s the essence of this website. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Paul

    Thanks for the article – it’s important to make sure that the carbohydrate content is low too – otherwise you are taking on unnecessary sugar. The above has very little carb content so you get more protein band for your buck!

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