1. Margei;

    This is some great information on building your shoulders. When working out, should you only focus on one or two parts of the body on certain days, or all everyday? What is your recommendation?

    • Hello Margei,
      Working on two body parts on a certain day is recommendable. It depends on how long a particular body part session takes you to finish. However, if for instance, you decide to do shoulders and legs on a day is Ok, then the next session should be your abs and biceps, then the next could be a bit for the whole part of the body. It is something you should use your discretion to know where to concentrate the most. Some people might think they have gained success on their abs and triceps but have not made a significant success on the shoulder, then shoulder workout should be more.

      But do not forget doing cardios in the middle of these all.You warm up before you engage on any kind of strength training.

  2. hi Nnamdi!
    well I was happy to see that I do all the exercises in the last video you posted! When I worked out with a personal trainer about 4 years ago, the biggest change in my body that I saw was in my shoulders. I finally had defined shoulders! So I have tried to keep it up as much as possible, including with punches when I do kickboxing. Nothing sexier than great shoulders 🙂

    • Thank you Emily, It appears you are always a step ahead with your workouts, that’s great.
      I also love kickboxing, but not actively engaging.

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