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Best way to lose belly fat for men

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat for Men

One thing about belly fat is that, it really puts you out of shape, and I mean both physically and health wise. You will naturally have a self confidence issue even when you are trying not to. You don’t like looking in the mirror because you won’t like what you would be seeing, right? If you’re around the ladies, you will be thinking, ‘’she is looking at my fat belly’’. And to be honest, most women are turned off by it and children may likely ask you if you have a child in there.

And in terms of health, you will have difficulty sleeping, because your lower back would be hurting and your knees would be in pains when you are exercising. Worst still, your stomach is like a different organ which releases substances to the rest of the body, if in excess, increases the risk of disease, I hope you know that.

Now the best way to lose belly fat for men is not by doing crunches because I have observed that over the years and concluded that crunches won’t reduce fat but will strengthen your stomach muscles. Doing tons of sit ups won’t burn fat let alone spot reducing belly fat. Therefore, you are to need more in order to get rid of that belly fat.

Strength Training

You have to engage in strength training which would prevent muscle loss and also help fat loss. Strength training such dead lift and squat would surely help you in reducing the belly fat, because they will allow you to stress your body with heavy weights, as a result working all your muscles from head to toe. These will even make you stronger as you build muscles and lose belly fat

Stay Away From Junk foods

Healthy eating has always had a major role in getting that body of yours built the way youBest way to lose belly fat for men want it. When you are inclined to junk foods, what you will simply get is excess fat. Then you have some fat that would make their abode in the stomach area.
Foods such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, salad, kale, etc, these are the vegetable categories. Then for protein, try something like Meat, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. For fruits; banana, orange, apple, pears, pineapple, etc are great. Carbs; Brown rice, oats, whole grain, pasta, etc are also fine foods. And healthy fat foods such as olive oil, real butter, nuts flax seeds, etc are great foods to consider.

What about That Alcohol?

Mate, you have to forget about taking alcohol if you are really serious in losing belly fat. Most often, our image such as our physical look portrays our way of life, i.e what we eat, how active we are and so on and so forth. Therefore, it will suffice to say is what you get inside your body that manifests outwardly.

If you can’t stop the consumption of beer and sweet alcohols entirely then try to reduce it to a minimal level, even though the other part of me wants to say stop it entirely. Why is it that beer drinkers always have a queer shape, (fat belly and man breast)? They tend to have this type of physique especially when they get older. And moreover, did you know that beer drinkers are stressing their livers with toxins to clean than people that don’t? And this can actually get in the way of building that body.

How much alcohol should I take you might ask, well if you can’t entirely stop you may take 10% of the time, especially on weekends. Do not drink to stupor and always use water with squeezed lemon or green tea.

Take Less Carbs

You should take fewer carbs because you need them for energy, but eating way more of carbs is where the problem is, because all the excess carbs in the body would be stored as fat and this will often settle around the stomach. Therefore, lower your carbs intake and up your fruits and veggies intake, that’s the formula.

And another idea Is to eat these carbs (Brown rice, potatoes, pasta, breads, etc) after workouts, because this time your body will be hungry and will be in a state of recovery and healing.

The thing is that, eating lots of healthy foods won’t really make you fat if you are exercising because you need them as you expend the energy during exercises; moreover, healthy fats promote weight loss. And should you starve the body after exercising it will start to feed on the muscles which will leave you skinny with fat.

Eat More of Protein and Fat

Protein has a higher thermic effect more that other foods because the body uses more Best way to lose belly fat for menenergy to process proteins and that is why it is great for burning that belly fat.

Eating healthy fat is good for the body because it does not make you fat, but junk carbs and sugar do. Healthy fat will help the body to lose belly fat instead if you continue to supply it with healthy fat such as fish oil. Testosterone levels in the body are increased by fish oil which ultimately loses belly fat. Taking 6 grams of omega-3 each day could be a very good start.

The fat you should avoid like a plague is fat from products like the margarine; it is regarded as trans-fatty fat which is the bad fat.

Be Motivated

It can be discouraging when you look at yourself in the mirror and all you see is body that is influenced by wrong food intake, water retention, but all that could be inaccurate until you started using something like fat caliper to measure your skin fat every two weeks. It doesn’t have to be correct but what matters is that it is showing sign of going down.

Measure your waist every two weeks to see the effect of your effort in losing belly fat; you can also take a picture of you too to compare with the previous one. All these will give you a clue if you are doing just fine in the fight against belly fat, which will motivate you once you started seeing positive results.


Please do not just read this article and leave without taking action, because merely reading and not taking action will definitely not help you. Just go ahead and believe in yourself because you can do it and start losing that belly fat today.

How To Lose Belly Fat After 50-Find Out How

Belly fat has been one issue that bothers lots of people. It is obvious why every one will like 501-min[1]to get ride of belly fat. There are health issues tied to it and of course the ‘look good’ aspect too.  Belly fat even becomes an issue, when an individual is getting older and the metabolism is getting really slow and weak. It can really become a problem to people at 50 and above.

And there are health risks of belly fat, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

'A big waistline puts you at increased risk for many health problems--diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke'. That is according to Dr Robert Eckel, President of American Heart Association.

However, skinny people may also have an unhealthy hidden belly fat too. According to research, fat may be found deep inside the belly around the stomach organs, that can only be seen by MRI imaging. And this kind of fat is equal to some one having a belly fat, thereby putting them at same risks.

In as much as we need to look good with a well toned flat stomach, it is also healthy and worth the effort to take care of the stomach by getting rid of the fat around it.

How To Lose Belly Fat After 50

Losing belly fat has become a growing concern amongst the older folks, especially women. And losing belly fat after 50 could be slightly different from the general ways of losing belly fat, because of the age difference. Just like, 1800 calories are the recommended average daily intake for women, however 1300 calories daily intake are the recommended intake for people that are over 50 years. The reason is not far fetched, because of the slow metabolism in older people.

Reduce Your Calories intake

How to lose belly fat after 50 is to reduce the daily intake of your calories to 1000 502-min[1]calories instead. Since 3500 calories are equal to a pound, therefore you can lose a pound in 12 days. Or you can choose to lose a pound in a week by taking 800 calories instead. But there is an argument that it is unhealthy to take less than 1000 calories per day, if you must, it has to be under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.

You can achieve this by eating healthy foods such as fruits and veggies.

Cardio Exercises

This is one undisputed way to losing weight by burning out fat. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging, dancing, biking, swimming or aerobics can really go a long way to losing belly fat. However, you must know that cardio does not ‘spot lose’ the fat around the belly. It burns fat from every area of the body, and that is including the stomach.

Intense cardio can burn more calories, however, it is advisable to start gradually until you  graduates to high intensive cardios.  And at least 150 minutes or more of getting a physical activities of cardio exercise per week will really go a long way to burning that fat, just as recommended by the American College Of Sports Medicine.

Include Strength Training

Strength exercises do not necessarily burn calories like cardio, but it will help to strengthen the bones and muscles, which will also ensure having a balanced core. Sit up and crunch exercises have been found to be very effective to impact the stomach positively. And bicycle crunches were found very engaging  on the oblique muscles.


And there is of course the option of surgery! Surgeons have claim that they can melt belly fat. But this is a matter of money, time, and pain, yes pain, because it can really be painful. And lets not forget the risks of complications as well.


Losing belly fat can really be slow, but I think it worth it, especially if you opt to go about losing belly fat through a healthy lifestyle and exercise. These are recommendable healthy ways to lose belly fat, exercise and healthy eating. However, if you choose to cut down on your daily calories intake, it is advisable to inform your Doctor before doing that.

I really hope you will find this post useful to losing that extra fat on the belly.

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Ab Exercises After C-Section-Getting Back Your Flat Stomach

Ab exercises after c-section is something affected women should consider. Nevertheless, strollerthese exercises must be done after a medical clearance from the Doctor.

Ordinarily, it takes longer time for women that delivered through major operations to recover than the ones that delivered through ‘vaginal delivery’.

The good news is that, women that put to bed through c-section can exercise to get back their desired ‘flat stomach’. There are series of exercises that have proven effective including a muscle toning and fat burning exercises.

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How Do I Start?

After getting a clearance from your Doctor, you may start with a cardiovascular exercises, such as, walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle. You have to first of all do these, because you need to burn all the fat you had gained during pregnancy. And these are low impact exercises that would be gentle with your ‘state’.

As your body progresses in healing, you may start to take aerobics class, or jog. It is recommended to start with 30 minute session, three times in a week. Then you can gradually increase your sessions to four times in a week. You might as well include using your baby’s jogging stroller, by pushing it. These are effective ways to lose fat all over the body.

Then What Next? The Bridge!

Yes, bridge is a pattern of exercise that is gentle on the stomach yet effective in toning the ab. It does not put excess strain on the stitches of the C-Section, thereby making bridgeit the most recommendable exercise to be performed by women that had undergone C-Section.

This is done by lying on your back  with your feet flat on the floor. Your legs-hip a little bit apart. Let your arms/hands be flat beside your body, with your palms on the floor. Try to lift your buttocks and your middle back off the floor. Be sure you don’t lift your shoulder when lifting your buttocks and your middle back. Hold position for 10 seconds, then lower the body back to the floor, and repeat five to eight times.

The Lower Abdominal Slide

This is done by lying on your back, with your feet on the floor. While lying on the floor, make sure your lower back is raised a little bit, so that the whole of back don’t get to be flat on the floor. Place your hands on your pelvis, and then slowly, with controlled motion slide your leg straight out and back again to it initial position. Do same to the other leg, and repeat three to five times on each of the leg.

This is said to be beneficial for new moms after C-Section, because it impacts the lower abdominal muscles, which are affected after operation.

Forward Bend

This is done by standing with your feet a little bit apart. Lift your arms straight over your head and bend your body forward to a 90 degree position. Hold position for like 10 seconds, and then get back to your standing position(upright). Do make sure that, your back is flat as possible. Repeat four to eight times.

This  exercise helps to strengthen the stomach muscles, and you can perform this the entire day.


I had to put this article together because a woman asked me one time, what kind of exercises should i recommend to her, since she had a C-Section. At that time, I could not give a detailed response due to the fact I had no answers, but instead referred her to another site that might help her.

I hope you find these exercises helpful. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to comment on the comment box below.

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six pack image

5 Exercises To Quickly Improve Your Abs

Abs sit upWe understand the basic stomach floor crunch is no news at this time, and you would want to consider core training to another level. Not a bad decision, considering the fact that almost all of our everyday activities need core strength even sitting at your desk.

As outlined by Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and the author of Beat The Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag, the typical American uses 56 hours each week sitting, which usually weakens the core-and which, consequently, makes day to day activities harder. However preserve a robust abs, and that will help you avoid lower back pain, enhance your agility, improve your flexibility, and also appear good looking.

Now before you start, remember the fantastic ab-workout principle: quality instead of quantity. It’s a fantasy that 2,000 fast-paced ab crunches per day will make you the finest abs. Holland proposes that, rather than ripping through the motions, is far better and productive that you decelerate to get more effective results, performing up to 30 second sets of good quality crunches.

Therefore, i shall walk you through the 5 different effective ab-crushing exercises.


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Begin in a conventional plank posture along with your forearms on the floor and your body completely straight. Take the right knee forward in the direction of your right elbow, after that go back to the plank posture. Do it again by getting your left knee towards your leftspider man crunch elbow. That’s one repetition. Change sides for a total of 10 complete reps.

According to Holland : “The plank is pretty much one of the only exercises where you’re getting your entire core. You’re working the front and back of your abdominal area at the same time without any equipment. You’re getting your rectus abdominis, your obliques, and your lower back. It’s so simple and effective that you can do it anywhere”


Stand up while holding a cable with both hands stretched out in before you at only under shoulder level. Maintaining your arms steady and straight and your abs engaged, rotate the upper part of the cable rotationbody to the right, then back to center, and then to the left, and back to the center. That is one set,then repeat same move up to times which will be 10 sets.

According to Holland : “This move really targets the obliques and is sports-specific, so it’s great for golfers, tennis players, baseball players, and people who do racquet sports. Make your exercise as close to the movement that you’re going to do in your sport and you’ll get the biggest gain.”


Lie on your back with your both hands at the rear of your head, along with your legs elevated and curved at 90 degrees. Change sides by simply getting your right elbow towards your left knee and then your left elbow towards your right knee, building for like 60 seconds. Attempt to hold the crunch for a two-count on every side to make a slower, bicycle cruchconcentrated movement.

According to Holland: “With this movement you’re targeting all three key areas at the same time. It combines a regular crunch, the side-to-side motion that targets the obliques, and the reverse crunch that hits the lower abs.”


As you lie on your back with arms and legs diagonally out so that your body forms an “X.” Maintaining legs and arms straight, take the right-hand to the direction of your left foot, then your left hand to the direction of your right foot, raising your head, neck, as well as shoulders up from the ground. That is one, repeat same thing and target 10 set of it.cross body crunch

According to Holland : “It’s a simple exercise, and you’re safe and supported on the ground. With the legs coming off the floor, you’re getting your lower abs. And because you’re coming at an angle, you’re hitting your obliques and your rectus abdominis, too.”


This time kneel on the pad along with your hands on the Swiss balance golf ball. Making sure that your back is straight and your abs engaged, rotate the ball as far away as possible from you , after that gradually rotate back to starting position. Go for 2 sets of 10 rollouts.swissball roll out image

According to Holland : “This move is like the ab wheel, but it’s much safer and easier on the lower back. It targets your rectus abdominis because you’re staying in one plane. If you want to add another element, rolling out at a 45-degree angle to the left and right challenges the obliques.”

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