1. Maureen

    This is good information. While I prefer to take a nice long road run, there are times when I would prefer to stay a home and get the same results. The information you shared is great for me to have if I decide to get an exercise machine. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thank you Maureen, it indeed essential, because not all the time you will be able to workout outdoor. That could be as a result of weather or even time constraint.

  2. Chris

    Nice review. If you like high intensity workouts low interval workouts like sprints does this machine cater to that?

    • Hello Chris, this machine has it all, hill climb, sprint, cardio, glute burner, quad builder and more.

  3. Hi, Nnamdi. Thanks for this post. Your review definitely allows me to make a better decision of getting a pElliptical model exercise equipment. The best usually also comes at a price too. My budget is not that high, is there a cheaper and less sophisticated model around?

  4. Brad

    Hi Nnamdi, 20 levels? seems legit! Does it fold up easily so I can put it in the corner of a room when I’m not using it?

    • It does not fold up unfortunately, but it is a compact machine because of its size.

  5. Serana Patino

    Hi Nnamdi like your post. Great information I go the gym here and usually go on the elliptical machines which they say is better to use than the treadmill in burning calories and getting a greater workout. Staying healthy unfortunately is an expensive lifestyle but it is worth the investment. Like how you stated the pros and cons upfront. Keep up the good work!

    • It is worth the investment I must agree with you, that is if you can afford it, but if you can’t go for lesser one.

  6. Tonya

    I just have a regular old trend mill. This one seem it would burn more calories. Time to trade up.

    Thanks for sharing. Great post

    • Sure Tonya, this machine can burn more calories while you feel the fun doing that, because of its technological features.

  7. Travis

    Hi Nnamdi,
    Back for a revisit to check out your latest post. I’ve read your information on the Diamondback 1260 EF.
    I was wondering what your opinion is on your elliptical trainer compared with the BowFlex tread climber?

    I realize each machine has a difference in operating principles, yours more elliptical motion and the other a walking with both offering an increase and decrease in resistance.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Travis, Bow flex Climber is yet another fine new breed of treadmills with unique features that are rarely found in typical treadmill machines. Therefore, people with a thing for treadmill can also get to experience the elliptical functions in it too. I have not officially reviewed this machine, but I will be doing so Soon. Diamondback 1260 EF is a complete elliptical trainer with additional features and technology that also make it one of kind in it family.

  8. Jim Cochrane

    Hey Nnamdi,
    When I had a fitness trainer she was always a fan of treadmills, especially when I wasn’t having a training session. She said its one of the few machines that burn up as much calories as it does.

    One question I have though, is how much of an incline does this machine have? She was big on incorporating inclines into the routine and would often have me go to the max (usually 15).

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this.
    Best Regards,

    • admin

      Hello Jim, this machine has 10 inclines and 20 resistance levels. With this number of resistance levels it has add up to the incline functionality. That means, it will still give you much more result in burning fat.

      I hope you your question is answered.

      Please do visit again.

  9. OEB_Mission_CDR

    Great review! You did a great job reviewing all the details of this product. Due to a foot injury awhile back I can’t get my cardio in on the treadmill anymore, so I often rely on a good elliptical to get the job done. Will definitely be looking more at this one!

    • admin

      Elliptical trainers are best used by injured individuals due to its mild pressure on the joints and lower back. Do get one if you can afford it or you can always go for cheaper ones that will allow you workout pending when you deem it fit to get your taste.

  10. Jeff

    This seems like a pretty awesome machine.I used to do a lot of cardio and running, but it is getting increasingly tough on my knees. I have been looking to do cardio inside. This one is above my price range, but if I had the money I would definitely look into getting one. Thank you for this excellent review!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Jeff, I can understand your position, but you can get this one it should be within your budget.

  11. admin

    Great review,you surely know what your product does and you have done well to sell it to your readers.
    The image with a lady who has an awesome body goes along way in motivating the readers.
    You were also able to show us why your product is the best and for anyone who wants to loose wait,then this is the sure product

    • admin

      Thank you, and do visit again.

  12. Todd

    I’m more of a runner, but sometimes I prefer to stay indoors during winter. How long would I have to use this machine to get the same benefit from a 30 minute run? Is it better than running do you think? I have used similar machines before, and I’m not sure about them

    • admin

      Hello Todd, how long will it take for you to get same result of a 30 minutes run, well it could take you less to achieve so much because of the different workout programs such as up hill climb and sprint.

      Use of elliptical has it own benefits, one of which is that, it is gentle on your joints and lower back despite it huge effect in burning fat in a short period of time.

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