Body-Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine-Review

Body Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine was designed and assigned a dutyBody Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine-Review to help you develop and build a very good biceps and triceps conveniently. It is a dual function piece of equipment that targets the biceps and triceps. I am a bodybuilding freak and I know how we all love to see our biceps and triceps all toned and built to our taste.

When you start working out, biceps and triceps are first of the muscle groups in our body we are quick to develop or would I rather say would want to develop. So that when anyone sees you he will really know you have been to the gym and you will also feel good to be flexing your muscles, right?

OK, in other to achieve that, Body Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine will help you to accelerate getting that muscles that are well built with ease. Its adjustable lifting arm can be positioned downward for biceps workout and upward for triceps workout. It also has guaranteed ultra-thicK Durafirm upholstery that supports your arms for comfortability while working out and V-bar handles for a secure grip.

It is best for both home and commercial use and weighs about 88 pounds. It is portable and space-saving, which is to say you don’t have to worry about where to keep it even if you reside in a small apartment. It is noteworthy to mention the fact that Body-Solid has been making high-quality strength training and workout equipment over the years (over 20 years) therefore durability is also guaranteed with this machine.

Body-Solid has been innovative with their designs that they came up with this beautifulBody Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine-Review piece that would help you rip your biceps and triceps almost effortlessly, instead of the traditional way of curling with barbells and dumbbells. I do agree with the assertion that Body-Solid equipment meets the challenges of today’s busy lifestyle while providing you with advanced home exercise. Did you know that every component of all machines is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty something that is uncommon with other manufacturers?

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• 30-degree angle for precise biomechanical movements
• Space-saving
• Very durable
• Dual function design (for biceps and triceps workouts)
• Weighs 88 pounds
• Dimensions: 43L x 40W x 45H inches
• Good for home or commercial use
• Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

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A certain user complained though that it is difficult to hold his body down while doing the triceps workout because the machine does not have a back support.


With every good thing comes with its cons. Remember I said ‘’a certain user’’ complained of not being comfortable while working on his triceps with this machine but that does not mean every other person could see that as a problem. However, on a general note, this is very cool equipment that spot targets your biceps and triceps and I would recommend it if you are really out to launch an offensive on your biceps and triceps.

You can head over to Amazon to read more reviews from actual users, maybe that would enlighten you the more if you are still not sure of what to do, If you have any questions or contribution please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.