1. Milos

    Great post, must admit I tend to skip leg day and get frustrated with myself sometimes. Don’t hit the gym as I used to and do most of the exercises in my home. These exercises seem great and I’m going to try them out, cheers

    • admin

      Oh, thank you man for checking this out. And you will really enjoy these exercises and also get as much expected results.

  2. Jeff

    Great site and good information on legs. I am going to incorporate some of these into my workout.

  3. Emily

    hi Nnamdi!
    Superb timing as I was about to leave for the gym when I saw your post! I love working on my legs and am always looking for new leg exercises. I was struggling figuring out the first one but the video was very helpful. I can attest that the split leg jumping lunges are painful! They are very good for both cardio and leg strength. And I like the last exercise for calves. Very simple but efficient. On my way to the gym to try those out!

    • admin

      Hello Emily, I am really delighted that this post was able to help someone out there. And of course, that is the idea of using the videos, sometimes people may not understand the texts, but the video will help. Thank you for dropping by and best of luck with your workouts.

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