Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse

Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse

You may have heard of Keiser, Sunny Health and Body rider fitness bikes, but the affordable-min[1]Exerpeutic 900xl Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse holds it’s own too. This piece of equipment is one of those fly-under-the radar brands that have managed to get quality in their domain. Even though it is affordable, it is rather a very good machine for those that would like to lose weight, stay fit, or maintain a general well being.

You know, the exerpeutic 900xl is widely preferred by many because of its solid construction/built and its amazing 300 pounds capacity. And not to forget that it is a great entry level and its affordability is something one can not ignore too. Therefore, look no further if you wish to shed some fat/lose weight, build some endurance and stay in overall good shape with a low budget, because this piece is the equipment you need.

Hardly can you get equipment that is silent while working out, even with the most expensive and advanced technological machines ever. This will allow you to have fun while exercising like listening to your favorite music or even watch your favorite movie. What more can you ask for, when you have got a well built machine that is affordable and silent.


  • This bike enables you  to challenge yourself with cardio workout that put Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse a minimum stress on the joints and the back. This is something that is hardly found with other equipment, thanks to the padded seat base and back. And I think this is a great feature, because some people have issues with their joints and back while exercising.
  • It also has about eight-level magnetic tension control system that allows you to customize or decide how challenging your workout should be. This is amazing, and cool for weight loss and for amateur and professional athletes too.
  • Did you know that it has easy-to-read LCD display that allows you to see your progress while working out, by way of seeing your stats of distance covered, calories burned, time, speed, and your heart rate information? This is great for an equipment that is very affordable!…don’t you think? Did you know that its ability to read your heart rate comes from the hand grip sensor?Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse
  • Your feet is secured while exercising, because its foot straps ensure that your feet stay protected from any accident/slippery.
  • It has transportation wheels that make it easier to be moved around.
  • It is easy to assemble, even though most of the parts are pre-assembled. It has a detailed manual that will enable you to complete the assembling and it is not difficult to do. It could take an average person to assemble it within an hour or two.
  • It has a limited three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Measures 22’W x 34’H x 54’D with 63 pound weight, and supports 300 pound maximum user weight.


  • Somebody complained of the side handle bars; which he thinks should have been spaced out a little bit from the seat, so that his hips will not go rubbing against his hands while working out. Therefore, you may experience this, if you have such a hip or body size that could be considered large. However, this is based on just one person’s review and experience out of numerous positive reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse

  1. Hi…We spend hundreds of dollars every year on Gym memberships. This could be a great way to cut down our gym membership fees and also save on gasoline when driving to the gym and back. Thank you for the ideas and possibilities in being able to purchase an affordable exercise machine. The Exerpeutic 900XL Magnetic Recumbent Bike Pulse
    could be a great buy. How much is it exactly? Is Amazon the only place where it is available? Does it work for people with different body shapes and sizes?

    1. Hi Steph, you have done the math, lol, yes it will save a lot of money, time and inconvenience too. Presently it is sold at the Amazon at $169, and may be you can get it else where, that I did not check. As for the capacity, it supports up to 300 pounds weight.

  2. hi
    well if nothing else it is a good price for the machine! I mean you really cannot beat 169$! It seems well made but even if it does not last that long, it is not that much of an investment for a piece of cardio equipment. I am not a fan of such bikes as I do not get enough exercise out of them but I can see someone starting out using them for sure.

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