1. Arthur Siew

    O never seen this before, I think this is quite an excellent way to improve the way you run

  2. Anis

    Thanks for sharing is awesome review you have highlighted every single point of the Gazelle Supreme Glider.

    It seems like it has lots of cons and pros, people will surely find that useful to determine whether it is worth their investment or not.

    Thanks for sharing this review and have a good day! 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      You are welcome Anis, it is our duty to share useful information with you.

  3. Andrew

    Hi! It is a great overview thanks. I am sure, that the Gazelle Supreme Glider is better than Gazelle Edge. Could kids use the machine as well?
    Thanks in advance

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Andrew, when you say kids, I don’t the age range you are talking about, but this certainly for adults that wishes to stay fit and lose weight. Kids that can control the movement comfortably can, but I will advise that you consult your physician first before allowing kids to use it.

  4. David

    Thank you for the informative review. I found this very helpful.

  5. Ben

    I could use a machine like this. I go on a bike but that only helps my leg muscles not my chest or arms or anything else. This looks like it will strengthen my whole body. I must check it out.

  6. Tasleem


    Well from the looks of it, the Gazelles Supreme Glider is one step ahead of the cross trainer. I never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Godlove

    wow. I have never really use this particular body work tool before. it sounds really cool and I love the way you have presented the information and the review about it. Generally I love all body builders that have power pistons and luckily enough that one has.
    Great work

  8. Johan

    Wow this is a very thorough review and an excellent product.

    Thank you for posting this excellent review, I am actually considering getting one of these!

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