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The Gazelle Supreme Glider is yet another cardio machine to consider because it has got a whole lot of features that make it stand out and provide you with the opportunity to achieve your fitness goal. It has all the features you can find in Gazelle Edge plus additional capability and advantage. You will be correct to say that this is an upgrade of Gazelle Edge.  If people have enjoyed the Gazelle Edge and enjoyed and got results, you can only imagine what is obtainable with Gazelle Supreme Glider.

For example, the adjustable resistance is one major feature present in this unit that makes it the choice of many fitness enthusiasts, and it also supports greater user weight than Gazelle Edge does; designed to be a low-impact machine capable of reducing the stress and strain that some other cardio machines make the body experience.  Some professionals have even given it thumbs up over elliptical machine we consider to be gentle on the ankles and knees. Yes, l agree, this is an unusual machine that might be known by few compared to the number of people that are aware of elliptical trainers and treadmills.

You don’t agree? Well, no matter how you look at it, elliptical trainers and treadmills are more known by most people that they know this machine.  Both the new and experienced athlete will find this machine useful as it is versatile in its design, providing aerobic and resistance training. This machine that looks like a ski machine is perfect for people that have got knee, ankle, joint or back problems. And did I mention how quiet it is? While working out on it is like a Ninja walking…but you know what I mean.

Its patented dual-action split suspension allows you to exercise with freedom of movement and a complete range of motion. It targets muscle groups such as the shoulders, arms, chest, core (abdomens), thighs and butts. These are almost the complete major muscle groups in the body, exercised by a seemingly simple piece of equipment!

Exercise Guide

Gazelle Supreme Glider being used by a man

Upon buying the Gazelle Supreme Glider, it is accompanied by a DVD that would guide and instruct you on how to use it, on the best way to exercise in order to get the optimum result.  There are actually 10 different exercises you can use it for; for instance, the DVD guide instructs you on how to hold the handlebars and how to position yourself in order to target a certain muscle group isn’t that great?

To work on both the upper and lower body equally, you will have to hold the center of the handlebars as you workout.  To work on the shoulders, you will have to hold the handlebars low and lean back; and to get your outside shoulders, chest muscles, and biceps toned, then you would have to lean forward, by so doing you are using your legs less and putting a lot more effort on your arms movement.  I guess the DVD guide will be a lot easier to understand.  Now, let’s dive into the features.

Features Overview

Gazelle Supreme Glider monitor
  • Heart Rate Monitor- With the help of the sensors on the handlebars your pulse will be easily transmitted to the monitor for you to see your heart rate zone as you workout at all times.
  • Smooth Glide System– with long-term joint health issues in mind, it has this dual suspension and smooth glide system that will ensure a low-impact on the joints, knees, ankles, and hips.
  • Power Pistons– The hydraulic resistance power pistons allows you to challenge yourself in order to reach your potential and produce a result.
  • Wide Foot Plates– It has got very roomy foot plates that ensure and allow you to position your feet in a more comfortable position, which also ensure safety from slippage.
  • Compact– It is compactable as it folds; so, storage is never a problem when you can always fold it up when not in use and put away in places like the closet or even under the bed.
  • Water Bottle and Holder– Most cardio machines often come with water bottle holder and not with the bottle, but this one comes with both. It may seem not to be a lot but it makes a difference after all, as hydration is part of the game. Always remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times, both when you exercise and when you are not because it naturally increases your metabolism.
  • Warranty– 1-year warranty.
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  • Lack of motor- Since this machine does not have a motor, the gliding is operated manually, which some will argue that it provides more challenging workouts for the user; that may be correct, but the user may find it overwhelmingly difficult to reach his target heart rate zone.
  • Not easy to assemble alone as it has many pieces of long aluminum parts to deal with.


I think that the Gazelle Supreme a lot of pros than cons. Remember, this is the upgraded version of the original Gazelle, and it has been integrated with a lot of features that would make your workout and fitness goal attainable.

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Folded Gazelle Supreme Glider

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  1. Arthur Siew

    O never seen this before, I think this is quite an excellent way to improve the way you run

  2. Anis

    Thanks for sharing is awesome review you have highlighted every single point of the Gazelle Supreme Glider.

    It seems like it has lots of cons and pros, people will surely find that useful to determine whether it is worth their investment or not.

    Thanks for sharing this review and have a good day! 🙂

    1. Nnamdi

      You are welcome Anis, it is our duty to share useful information with you.

  3. Andrew

    Hi! It is a great overview thanks. I am sure, that the Gazelle Supreme Glider is better than Gazelle Edge. Could kids use the machine as well?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Nnamdi

      Hello Andrew, when you say kids, I don’t the age range you are talking about, but this certainly for adults that wishes to stay fit and lose weight. Kids that can control the movement comfortably can, but I will advise that you consult your physician first before allowing kids to use it.

  4. David

    Thank you for the informative review. I found this very helpful.

  5. Ben

    I could use a machine like this. I go on a bike but that only helps my leg muscles not my chest or arms or anything else. This looks like it will strengthen my whole body. I must check it out.

  6. Tasleem


    Well from the looks of it, the Gazelles Supreme Glider is one step ahead of the cross trainer. I never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Godlove

    wow. I have never really use this particular body work tool before. it sounds really cool and I love the way you have presented the information and the review about it. Generally I love all body builders that have power pistons and luckily enough that one has.
    Great work

  8. Johan

    Wow this is a very thorough review and an excellent product.

    Thank you for posting this excellent review, I am actually considering getting one of these!

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