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  1. john w snarski

    Mine came with a basic parts list and minimal assembly instructions. Not difficult to assemble. However, no guidance at all for repairs. Yesterday, the rower handles became detached, and separated from the band that attaches it to the internal mechanism. Either that web band is broken or it slipped into the shroud. Need some clear instructions on how to fix. Also how to replace batteries when the time comes.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello John,

      We are sorry for the inconveniences you are dealing with. As for how to replace the LCD battery, simply detach the panel with the LCD monitor and you will be able to access the battery. Then for the band that slipped, unscrew the shroud that is covering the mechanism and see if you can get around fixing it, if not, see if the instruction manual has the customer service contact on it and call or write them.

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