Healthy Foods for Weight Loss-Super Foods

I have in the past written an article titled ‘’Healthy Foods lose Weight’’, which I like to expand on this article of Healthy Foods for weight loss. They are almost the same in meaning but have different perspectives. So, let’s just say that ‘’Healthy Foods for Weight Loss’’ is the sequel to ‘’Healthy Foods Lose Weight’’ article.

There is no doubt that healthy foods are beneficial for weight loss, if anyone sticks to healthy foods there will be no issue of unnecessary weight gain. And these healthy foods are referred to by different names. Some call them the super foods, and some call them the nutritional powerhouse foods. Whichever name you decide to call them, they are indeed the anchor to our lives.

Did you know that these so called super and nutritional powerhouse foods are not only responsible for weight loss? Did you know they can improve your overall well being such as building of healthy bones, improve eyesight, and even keep your alertness at top notch? Even as new proof has suggested that they can help you lose those extra pounds and stay slim.

Now, let’s quickly look into some of the ‘’super foods’’.

Black Beans

Just earlier on, I saw where Google put up some keywords that are being searched byHealthy Foods for Weight Loss people on the internet, and one of them is ‘’are black beans good for you?’’. I intend to do an article based on black beans alone, because is one fine food one should consider taking.

Just a cup of black beans contains about 15 grams of pure protein that does not have any of the saturated fats that are found in some protein sources, like red meat. So, including black beans in your dietary regimen will go a long way to help you lose weight.


This food is very rich in fiber so that when you consume it you will feel full throughout theHealthy Foods for Weight Loss entire day. A half a cup of it contains 4.5 grams of the health carbs that increase the metabolism of the body that also burns fat.


Yes, avocados keep on popping up in most of my posts that are weight loss related. This isHealthy Foods for Weight Loss so because; the list of healthy foods won’t be complete without it. Some would even argue that avocados contain some percentage of fat, but they are healthy fats.

There is a substance in avocados called oleic acid, a compound that is present in avocados’ healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), which may cause your system to actually quench hunger. Consuming about a quarter or a half of an avocado can actually melt that belly fat away. It does contain fiber and protein too.


Salmon is yet another health food (lean protein), you consume and make you feel full Healthy Foods for Weight Losswithout adding fat to your body. Most people don’t even know if they get enough of this essential nutrient. Therefore, it will be advisable if you would up your intake with salmon. It is full of MUFAs to boost your metabolism and leaner choice than the red meat.

In a study in 2001, people that consume MUFA-rich foods lost an average of 9 pounds while people on low-fat counterpart gained on average of 6 pounds.


The blueberries are believed to have anti-aging effects, even though they seem to be tiny. Healthy Foods for Weight LossA one cup serving can make you to gain 80 calories but helps you to feel full with 4 grams of fiber.


Either cooked or raw, this cruciferous vegetable is believed to have cancer-preventingHealthy Foods for Weight Loss effects. A serving can make you gain less than 30 calories, but with lots of fiber too, it can prevent weight issues as well.

Brown Rice

The brown rice is considered to be healthier than the white rice, because it packed withHealthy Foods for Weight Loss fiber than white rice. A half-cup of it contains 1.7 grams of the healthy carb that increases the body’s metabolism which burns fat.

A study also revealed that women that ate high-energy-density foods (white rice is one of them) gained three times as much weight over 6 years than women that ate low-energy-density foods (which brown rice is of them).


Did you know that one pear has the 15 percent daily recommended amount of fiber? Healthy Foods for Weight LossAnother study showed that women that consumed 3 pears everyday had fewer calories and lost more weight that those that did not.

Grape Fruit

Grapefruit is great at helping to lose weight. Even if you don’t change your diet, eating halfHealthy Foods for Weight Loss a grape fruit before every meal could help you lose up to a pound in a week. And because it is 90 percent water, it can fill you up so that you eat less and it is a very good source of protein too.


These are some very good wholesome foods for weight loss which if you include in your dietary regimen you will see results in time.

However, healthy foods alone may not actually give you the result you want; therefore I would recommend that you find exercises you like to engage in. Exercises are yet other ways to lose pounds of fat. So, deal with the weight problem by a holistic approach of eating healthy foods and exercising as well.

Stay Healthy

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  1. I need to lose weight big time. Just what I needed to know. Thank you, now I can change my eating habits and add these foods to my diet.

    Great post, looking forward to more.

  2. This is very useful info, especially coming off the recent holiday season. I love grapefruit, but didn’t realize that it’s also a source of protein. Good to know! You’ve offered some great advice – thank you!

  3. I liked your article, which although it was about losing weight, gave excellent nutritional advice too. Fortunately, I don’t have to lose weight just now, but it’s always good to know what is best to eat for one’s health.

    Kind regards, Josette

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