1. Chris

    Enjoyed reading that. Time to edit my shopping list. Im bad for binge eating. My I ask what social button plugin you use?

    • Hello Chris,

      Is about time you edited that shopping list, lol. Good to know you are going to cut off junks.

      The plugin that I use is sumome, it is great.

  2. David Snodgrass

    you said it all and I try my best to eat as healthy as possible and this site has some great ideals

    • Hi David,
      Living healthy should be a lifestyle. Thanks anyway for seeing the informative posts on this website.

  3. Marc

    Great write up on healthy foods. This explains a lot as I eat most of these foods regularly. Thank you for additional ideas for healthy snacks.

    • Hello Marc,

      Thank you for dropping by and also finding the post useful.

  4. Lee

    Hi Nnamdi,

    Great post, my partner and I found your page when when looking into the health benefits of certain fruit and vegetables. My partner wants to eat healthier to lose weight and I’m more careful about what we’re putting into our bodies these days as we have a two year old son and try and get as many fruit and vegetables in him as possible. he loves his fruit but the usual vegetables are a different story. I’ve got some great ideas now. Thanks!

    • Hello Lee,

      I am glad you found this post helpful and has also helped you to resolve issues of what kind of vegetables to use. I am truly glad. Thank you.

  5. nicola johnson

    a nice article, very informative, thanks for taking the time to write it. I don’t think I will ever get to like spinach but your other suggestions are well worth a try!

    • Hello Nicole,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Fortunately, there are other options/varieties of vegetable you can go for if you don’t like spinach. However, you indicated that there are other ones you like. So, take more of fresh fruits and veggies they are extremely essential for our health.

  6. Markus

    I really enjoyed your article healthy foods lose weight. As I once ate completely different than this like most people do. You got this spot on with the veggies and fruits that are 90% water based. And by eating these types of fruits and vegetables both my wife and I lost weight without even trying. We were at the time some what surprised, but we kept eating this way.

    Some people might gasp at Eggs and Sausage but might I add Bacon as well, with out the hash browns lol.

    Good info. for anyone who’s looking for a better way of life. Do you think that adding juicing into your eating plan we can potentially lose more weight and still have energy?


    • Hi Markus,

      Thanks for reading; juicing is the perfect way to go in terms of losing weight! When you juice your fruits and vegetables, chances are you will be taking more of it there by giving you all its potentials/nutrients in a large scale. That would also make you to steer away from the packaged juice we get from the grocery stores, if you are the type that patronizes that often. And yes, it will help you to lose weight and still maintain a very good energy and also improve your overall health. Start juicing today!

  7. Kelvin

    Great advice on healthy eating to lose weight. I also would like to suggest eating Kale. It is higher in protein than meat. And a great replacement to meat if you are veterinarian and gives you lots of energy for the day. Awesome work on the blog and keep up the good work.

    Like the saying goes when shopping in the supermarket stick to the outside lanes. Even better grow your own food and don’t go to the supermarket. Believe me you will see the pounds drop of if you do.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Kelvin, thank you for this wonderful contribution that is also going to add value to my readers. Bring it on bro. Thanks again for the comment and encouragement for me to keep doing what I do.

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