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How To Build That Body other wise known as HTBTB offers tips and guides on how to lose weight and build muscles. We also review fitness equipment that would help you find the right equipment and ultimately build that body.

This is the founder’s story…

Hi, guys, my name is simply Nnamdi, and as you can see, that’s my wife and me on the photo. I am going to be concise with ‘About Me’.  I am a person that has a lot of interest in body building.

I have been in the business of bodybuilding (not for financial gains, but for personal fitness) for several years. People say I look younger than my actual age, well that could be attributed to the gene but certainly to a healthy lifestyle too.

That is what inspired the formation of this website. To reach out to many with my knowledge in an area I have so much passion for. To help those that are interested in losing weight and building a better body structure. Appearance can be so much to us because it can add to our self-worth or confidence and above all a physical fitness that will provide us with longevity.

And Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to realize this dream and vision, by giving me the support and resources I need to establish this website to an ‘Authority level’.

I am married with a beautiful daughter and I am a professional blogger. You can now go to the website and start checking out our helpful tips on Bodybuilding, weight loss and more.

Nevertheless, do consult with a professional in the field before applying anything you read on this website. This is because everything you read here on this site is usually my opinion and it will only be wise to get the consent of a professional before applying any recommendations from this site.

You are welcome.



Founder of How To Build That Body.