Horizon T101 Review-Unbiased Review

Horizon T101 Review-Unbiased Review

Horizon T101 04 Treadmill review is intended to give you an insight as to what is obtainable from this equipment. First of all, this equipment is considered to be budget friendly in its category. It was rated the best ‘’value buy’’ for walking by the GoodHousekeeping Institute and the ‘’best buys’’ in its category according to Treadmill Doctor. These considerations are not farfetched because of its positive features which I will be discussing shortly. Horizon Fitness is one of the best fitness manufacturing company that distributes a low-cost yet effective and durable fitness equipment to it consumers.

I have reviewed fine and budget-friendly treadmills such as the Proform Power 995i Treadmill and the Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill which are manufactured by reputable fitness manufacturing companies you can find around today.

Now, aside from being a budget-friendly, what else is good about this machine? There is a couple of things that make this machine an appealing one. You know most often, it could be boring for some people to get by working out. Often time than not, people find working out as a necessity but hardly as a fun and because of this, Horizon Fitness deems it fit to include mp3s sonic surround speakers so that you can make fun out of your workout too.

Other things that are worth mentioning are the incline, nine built-in programs, and its ability to fold so that it can fit in a small space for storage. Let’s look at the pros and cons so that you can finally make a decision on whether to buy or not.


Price– It is considered to have a good price compared to other machines in its category and I can assure you, the best place to get it at a good price would be online as it comes with MSRP that is a little bit higher than that of the online.

Workout Programs– It has an awesome nine built-in programs that are great for beginners and even pros as well. This will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in order to get results. You will get 6 calorie-goal workouts and 3 intervals workouts which is right to say it is weight loss oriented equipment. It has the ability to incline up to 10 percent and 20 x 55’’ running space which would be enough to work out.

Portability– It is great for small apartments because of its ability to fold up to a considerable size for storage and can be easily transported.

Heart Rate Monitoring– It has a dual-grip heart rate monitoring system that allows you to know your heart rate level and also know when you have reached your targeted heart rate zone.

Capacity– This is one sturdy machine that can support up to 300 pounds weight user. Most low budget treadmills often don’t support up to that.

Music– This one is the fun part made possible by Horizon Fitness to help users find fun in working out even as they achieve health and fitness by including an MP3s sonic surround speaker. Have you observed that workout becomes fun when there is a favorite tune playing? Well, I do rock it and time flies by when I have my mp3s playing.

Warranty– It has a great warranty you can’t refuse, especially when it so happens to be for an inexpensive machine such as the Horizon T101 04 Treadmill, 1-year warranty on labor, 2 years for parts and lifetime on the frame and motor.

Console– It has a large and colorful console for a monitor where all your workout data willHorizon T101 Review-Unbiased Review be exhibited.


• The Horizon T101 treadmill has a Coolfit fitness fan designed to cool off the user but it is not that powerful.

• Not great for a runner as it only has the capacity to go for 10 mph and 10 percent incline.

My Verdict

Well Horizon T101 04 Treadmill is indeed a good buy for people on a budget. However, in as much as it is a good one I will suggest it for people that only want to exercise in order to lose weight but not for professional athletes. It will surely be an ideal machine for beginners who just want to keep fit and do their thing but not in a competition.

Another added advantage is also the availability of music while working out because that could really be a source of motivation for those that do not really want to work but they have to. So the workout mustn’t be done as one of those chores, but fun as well.


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