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How To Build A Perfect Body Possible Video(Part 3)

Hello everybody and welcome to the ‘Day 3’ of the series of ‘How To Build A Perfect Body Possible’.dumbbell shoulder press If you have been following these articles, you will understand what I mean by Day 3.

However, for the benefit of those who are seeing it for the first time, I will explain what these series are all about. These workout series were made to help you achieve a fantastic built-up body in a short time possible.

I had previously published a comprehensive/complete article on How To Build  A Perfect Body. But then I realized it may be so confusing or difficult for my audience to understand, so I decided to write a series on How To Build A Perfect Body Possible in segments. Only this time I divided the original article into 3 segments with each having video demonstrations for people that are visually inclined.

And each segment is to be performed in a day leaving a free day between before performing the ‘Day 2’ and also leaving a free day before performing the ‘Day 3’ workouts. All the 3 segments are expected to be done in a week for an optimum result. I must say this is a workout made easy. Simple to understand with the aid of the video illustrations.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you start from How To Build A Perfect Body Possible, then to Day 1, Day 2 and ‘Day 3’ visual illustration series, if you have not done so already. You will not be disappointed if you follow the outlined tutorials in these articles. You may also check out our reviews on fitness equipment and supplements that could help immensely in achieving your desired Perfect Body.

And also feel free to leave a comment or ask any question in the comment box below. Now, without further waste of time, we shall proceed to Day 3 workouts.

DAY 3 snatch grip deallift SNATCH-GRIP DEAD-LIFT: Sets-6, Reps-3

DAY 3dumbbell shoulder press EXERCISE 2A DUMBBELL-SHOULDER PRESS: Sets-4, Reps-As many as possible with 10rm

DAY 3chin up EXERCISE 2B CHIN-UP: Sets-4, Reps-As many as possible with 10rm

DAY  3bulgarian split squat EXERCISE 2C BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT: Set-4, Reps-As many as possible with 10rm.

DAY 3Dumbbell chop


DUMBBELL-CHOP: Sets-5, Reps-Do for 30 seconds(Each Side)

DAY 3split jumping jack EXERCISE 3B SPLIT JUMPING JACK: Sets-5, Reps-Perform for 30 seconds

If you do find these video tutorials helpful, please share and leave a comment at the comment box below. You may also check out my product reviews on books and supplements that could contribute immensely to achieving your desired ‘Perfect Body’ Good luck!

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  1. This is a good addition to your series, I will be using this to help build my upper body. The dumbbell chomp will help me build my core. I think it’s time to switch up my routine thank you!

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