1. Nnamdi,

    Great post! These video instructions are easy to follow. I am just beginning an exercise course and I will be coming back to your website for more information so I can get more great information on how to build my perfect body.

    Thank your for this!


    • admin

      Thank you Jason, i will even get more of better contents soon. Thanks man.

  2. Thomas Gormley

    Great information and advice for people who want to build muscle and a firm toned body. I liked you videos they were just the right lenght and to the point with no nonsense, I enjoyed your site it is clean and fresh with all the relevant information needed to improve your body.

    • admin

      Hey Tom, I am really encouraged by your positive comments,and that would even make me to work harder to providing a quality content.

      Thanks bro

  3. This is a very practical post, with good visuals. Since I have enjoyed gym membership for many years, it really gives clear instruction on routines. Just a quick suggestion – the punctuation needs some proofreading as shown in the examples below:

    Front squat,Sets,6,Reps,3
    Front squat: Sets – 6, Reps – 3 (Better punctuation)

    DIP: Sets – 4, Reps – Max. 10rm (Better punc.)

    • admin

      Hi Duncan,
      You are very right there,concerning the punctuations. I will surely correct that.

      By the way for that wonderful observation.

      Thanks very much.

  4. Kari Havu

    The videos are great. You can follow step by step the exercises and learn the right way do execute them.

    • admin

      Yes that is the essence of the video. I am glad that you guys appreciated my efforts.

      Thanks man

  5. Donna

    Your site provides great and informative information regarding your subject. The videos are very helpful and easy to follow.

    • Thank you for the thumbs up Donna,I really really appreciate your applaud.

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