1. Hello! This is a great topic! I have been struggling with my weight for years. I am very think and building muscle have always been an obsession to me. I am one of those lucky people who can eat, eat , eat and never gain anything. Well unfortunately that doesn’t make me too happy since I always wanted to look more toned and strong.
    I can to realize that consistent working out and good nutrition is the only thing that helped me.
    Thank you for sharing! I will be visiting your website more often!

    • Thank you Katerina,

      And yes, what you need is to up your protein and carbs intake, by calculating with the ideal weight you wish to have and workout accordingly. So, is taking the right nutrition in the right proportion.

  2. Michelle

    I recently started a weight loss program to lose some “winter weight” and I really want to gain muscle while doing so. It is nice to lose weight, but I want to have a toned look as well. I’m just now learning how to use weights properly and am glad I found your website. You have a lot of valuable information that I can learn from!

    • Thank you Michelle,

      I am glad you found my website helpful.

  3. Cent

    Very informative post. Thanks.

  4. Matt

    I liked the HIT section. I’ve been doing high intensity on and off for years. Thanks for covering it, not enough sites do.

  5. Derek

    You give a get insight into how modern training view muscle building and weight loss which to myself is great because I am trying to learn all I can about the field. Excellent post and good use of media.

    • Thank you Derek,

      We are doing our best the bring the best.

  6. Great post and was a very interesting read

    Nutrition plays a very important role in weight loss and building muscle while trying to lose weight can confuse a lot of people.

    The thing is that muscle weighs much heavier than fat and if you lose fat while building muscle it can be a bit confusing on how much fat you are actually losing because the growing muscles also add weight to your body.

    Would like to read some reviews on the product that you would recommend 🙂

    • Hello Viljoen,

      Thank you so much for that contribution, but the thing is that, it all depends on the amount of your intake on protein,carbs and fat. You can always get your desired weight by consuming the amount of foods calculated by that weight.

      As for review, it will soon be out.

  7. Darren

    Hi nnamdi. This is so interesting. You are right. Normally, we all think that it is impossible to build muscles and lose weight at the same time. After reading your post, I think to build muscles and lose at the same time, we do really have to be patient and make much effort to achieve. I believe your knowledge really can help many people who have the dame issue. Thanks for your useful information:)

  8. Sylvia

    Hi Nnamdi!
    I never thought that getting enough sleep can help building muscles and losing weight.
    The best weight loss advice! 😀
    I like your questions in the conclusion.
    Weight loss is a mental and physical process, we have to deal with our emotions too.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Sylvia,
      Yes, like you mentioned, weight loss is psychological just as it is physical.

      Thanks for the visit.

    • Hello Sylvia,
      Yes, like you mentioned, weight loss is psychological just as it is physical.

      Thanks for the visit.

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