1. Do you really think that surgery is a healthy way to lose weight? I sort of disagree. Yes, there are the RARE few that have genetic conditions predisposing themselves towards overweight situations. But most people got that way because of unhealthy lifestyles. Shouldn’t we only encourage the healthy ways in help people change their lifestyles?

    • Hello Sarah, I never said or suggested that surgery is a healthy way to lose weight. I only mention that as an option, especially, for those that are over weight beyond measure. In most cases, dieting and exercises may not get the person back to shape, surgery is now being considered.

  2. I appreciate the information in this post. I work with seniors all the time and run into the other side of this. Calories and activity are definitely the key. Thank you!

  3. Nigel

    You mention that skinny people are also prone to having belly fat. That’s me. I know I’m unhealthy, and being skinny nobody knows as it’s hidden. I was just hoping nobody would tell me the truth about my insides! Maybe I should do something about it!

  4. Hi great site. You mention strength training as a component to losing belly fat, is there a particular program that you suggest?



  5. Hey Nnamdi!

    Great article man! This is one of those topics that are always sought after. Obesity is crazy here in the states. I actually didn’t know people over 50 should only be taking in 1300 calories..guess I’m gonna have to put a birdy in my mothers ear lol

    If you haven’t already, you should do an article on HIIT..that’s become very popular and has been the only way I could shed my stomach fat lol

    Anyways..keep up the good work..I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. yunier

    You definitely displayed some very good points . I for one know that eating healthy and exercising is the way to go. I’ve lost weight just by adjusting my eating habits and increasing the times i work out from once a week to 3. Good job on the post.

  7. Your blog is very interesting due to that I’m just about same niche. Structure and content is good and with pictures and short paragraphs the readability is fine.

    On the right widget area, there is quite a lot stuff. You should evaluate if all that is necessary?

  8. Hello Michael.

    BIG problem for society: Obesity. Your well presented approach to shed fat will be appreciated. In my opinion, problem of obesity lie deeper. Most people lost orientation of life. They eat not because this is natural support of life, they all life is about eating more. That is bad.

    • Some people eat to live and others live to eat. In an unbalanced values-society like ours in the US, of course there will be more obesity. Many people who didn’t really get their life needs met (eg: belonging, self respect, higher purpose) will eat to ease the pain of such loneliness (deprivation). It just looks strange to fat America to consider that there might be more truly malnourished people here (more basic needs unmet) than in the so called “third world”. That said there is an obscenely unequal access to sufficient basic resources in the world, but I for one wouldn’t be surprised if the level of alienation in the US dropped drastically with the level of participation in pro-needs-satisfaction programs everywhere!

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