1. James W D

    I have been researching getting into an exercise program as I guess I have hit my mid life “crisis” point. Turning the big 40 this year and I have never really been in total shape once. The way I see it now is that it is now or never. My question to you is how important is a device like this when just getting started and which one would be the best at a good price too. Thanks!

    • Nnamdi

      Thanks for dropping by James. As to the importance of this device, I would say it is essential, especially now that you have turned 40 and have not being exercising regularly… The device will help you to know your limit and how far you can push your heart rate, after all we are in physical exercise to live and be fit and not to commit suicide. All the devices are good in their own ways, but I always have a thing for the Polar RS300X, because it will alert you when you have entered your target heart rate zone.

  2. Damir Matisic

    Very cool review of more than one product. Elegant way to group them all together.
    I like it.


  3. john

    I have been using my treadmill this winter since I cannot walk or bike outside. I was looking into a heart monitor to see if I am working hard enough. Do all of these require a chest sensor to record the data. I like the Garmin, I like the idea of downloading the data and charging at the same time. How durable is this watch, as when the weather breaks I will be doing some biking that I would like data from.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello John, thanks for dropping by, and would also like to apologize for belated response from me.

      The Gemini Forerunner 15 HRM is a good one, and you can purchase it with or without heart rate monitor, as you may simply use it for other purposes. The battery can last up to 8 hours with the GPS on or 5 weeks when used as a wrist watch/activity tracking. As for durability, it has a thumbs up for that. If you are really looking for something to use, go for Gemini Forerunner 15 even though I have crush for Polar RS300X because of its ability to alert you when you have entered your heart rate target zone.

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