Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical Review

Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical Review

I have reviewed quite a good number of treadmills which I would recommend to anyone…well not quite because there are people that can’t stand treadmill machine. Why? Because it gives this shock to the knees, ankles, and hips that it could hurt after a long period of time. Therefore, people recovering from injury and of course seniors could find the elliptical machine a good alternative to treadmills. Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical might just be the equipment that could deliver.

The good thing about a typical elliptical is that it would save you from pounding your feet on the runway as with the treadmill, as a result it becomes gentle on the knees, ankles, and hips even as it gives positive and quick result from your workouts. And there is no doubt whatsoever that bringing the Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical into the home gym is a good idea.

This machine is an epitome of silence because many have applauded its smooth gliding and quietness while in use at home, which is a great advantage because the user won’t have to worry about disturbing the family or neighbors while working out. The Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical has got a lot of unique features that makes it stand out from its contemporaries. One of such unique feature is its informative LCD electronic computer that is capable of displaying the total distance, RPM, speed, time, heart rate and energy consumption.

The 30.5-pound flywheel ensures smooth gliding and tremendous positive result for the user, and let’s not forgets that a flywheel of that size and weight also guarantees sturdiness. It is also imperative to mention that it has built-in levelers that allow the user to adjust the machine on uneven floors. There are 2 ways to monitor the heart rate, which is the hand grip or exclusive kettler wired infrared pulse sensor.

Did you know that the heart rate control programs automatically adjust the resistance to maintain target heart rate? Well, it has got that capability too. Let’s see the overview of the Pros/Features and cons.

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Compact– the Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical a compact equipment with the dimension of 59’’ x 27’’ x 67’’ and weighs about 163 pounds.

Sturdy- The machine with 30.5-pound flywheel is sure a very sturdy machine that would not wobble while in use. Its slickness and smoothness will, of course, motivate the user to work out more in order to burn a lot more fat even as the resistance also ensures that that happens without much effort.

Informative LCD Display– This feature like I earlier mentioned gives a comprehensiveKettler Axos Cross P Elliptical Review information on your workout as per the readouts such as time, speed, Total distance, RPM, Heart rate and of course energy consumption.

12 Programs with adjustable intensity levels– This feature mainly allows you to challenge yourself in order to achieve your fitness or weight loss goal. With 12 adjustable resistance programs at your disposal, you are unstoppable in burning that fat and keeping fit.

Optional Heart rate monitor– with 2 types of heart rate monitor, you have the option of working out with or without your hands on the grip bar and without losing the sight of your heart rate.

Resistance– the Kettler Axos Cross P Elliptical has not only got resistance that would accelerate achieving your goal but is automatically adjustable to fit and maintain your heart rate zone which is healthy for you. This is done when you select a heart rate control program which can adjust automatically based on the pulse reading. And oh, it has got 16 different levels of resistance by the way.

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One of the major problems encountered by users is the assembling of this machine. From their complaint, one will need a help to assemble it and not forgetting that it weighs about 163 pounds or so. So, you are going to be needing assistance when it comes to assembling and probably moving it, however, it is a lot easier to move and store when it has been assembled.

It doesn’t work quite so well on uneven floor hence the inbuilt adjustable base by the manufacturer to take care of the problem. If by any reason the equipment is not balanced on the floor then it can be really frustrating but it is not common.

My Opinion

This is a beautiful piece of equipment with beautiful and useful features that would make just about anybody to achieve his goal. The pros are simply amazing and one cannot just refuse or decline the idea of having this piece at home gym. The cons are there but can really be nothing to many users.

Therefore, head over to Amazon and grab yours now!

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