Life Span TR 1200i Folding Treadmill-Review

Our main aim is to help people to make the right choice in the purchase of their ideal Life Span TR 1200i foldable treadmilltreadmill. It is undeniable that there are many types of a treadmill at the market to today, which make it difficult for some to decide on which one to buy.

They are very useful equipment, especially for a home gym and even for commercial purposes too.

The LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill is one of our top pick for anyone who is trying to just keep fit and build that body. If you are looking for an interactive, durable and high-end treadmill, then this is your treadmill.

This is perfect for an avid runner that is training for an intense marathon.

The Pros

There are so many benefits that LifeSpan TR 1200i Foldable Treadmill offers, and that isLife Span TR 1200i foldable treadmill why we are recommending it. First, it has 20’’x 56’’ running surface that has the weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is enough room for a person of that weight to exercise on. So, there will be no fear that you might slip off the running platform as there is enough room.

It has its own Intelli-Guard technology that has the ability and sensory to know when the equipment is on and idle (i.e when you are not using it) and it will do the needful by turning itself off. Aside from that, its intelli-step is another tech that would count and monitor your progress by how many steps you’re able to accomplish at any given time so that the stats generated will help you improve on your workout.

It is noteworthy to mention the multi-colored LCD easy-to-read console through which you will be able to view your steps, time, calories burned, distance covered, heart rate, incline level, and speed stats. Upon buying this machine you will have the opportunity of having an account at the Life Span Fitness club online where you will be able to access more workout routine after uploading your data such as your age, weight, and gender.

It has two customizable programs, just as it also offers several wide-range of programs for weight-loss, healthy living, sports training and heart rate.

Doing all the workouts such as walking, running or jogging on a treadmill at home is yet another way of improving your cardiovascular system as well as building up muscles, most especially the lower part of the body.

With the LifeSpan TR 1200i Foldable Treadmill, you will be rest assured to have a safe condition of workout that would protect your joints from injuries that could result from slippery and uneven terrain outdoor.

With the monitors on this equipment, you will be motivated and be well informed of your heart rate status, as to know when not to overexert yourself and stop. With the hi-tech in this machine, achieving your goals will be realizable.

So far, 81 percent of users have rated this piece of equipment 5 and 4 stars out of 5, which is to tell you that it’s worth buying. You can click here to head over to Amazon where you will see lots of reviews and rating done by actual users. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see reviews of all kinds.

And if you wish to buy one at a very good price you can still do so on that link provided above or better still click here to get to Amazon.

Equipment Specifications

  • Drive motor has 2.5 horsepower continuous-duties DCLife Span TR 1200i foldable treadmill
  • The Belt size is about 20 x 56”
  • Belt type is 2 ply
  • Incline motor has the capacity of lifting up to 800 pounds
  • Rollers are 2.5” front and 2” rear
  • It has 0.5 to 11 mile per hour speed
  • The side rails have nonslip plastic
  • Th deck is 3/4” phenolic
  • It has up to 15 levels of incline

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I actually found none at this time, but like I said, if you need further review before you can decide to buy, just go to Amazon and scroll down the page, you will see other reviews that will further convince you.

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We highly recommend you to buy the Life Span TR 1200i Foldable Treadmill because we have seen it worth. If you are looking for a machine that is durable, strong and has all the features you need to achieve your goals, then look no further because this is the machine.

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