Omega Big Mouth Juicer

Omega Big Mouth Juicer-BMJ330 Model

Omega Big Mouth Juicer, 330 model is another affordable juicing machine you could go Omega Big Mouth Juicerfor if you really need to have one. If you are in need of that machine that will gulp a whole fruit such as apple at a go, then Omega Big Mouth Juicer is what you need. Juicing has never been made easy when using this juicer, even though it is affordable.

You can enjoy healthy fresh juice quickly, using this juicer that can juice both fruits and vegetables so fast! The commercial grade motor is so powerful that it can drive through any kind of fruit or vegetable. Simply flip the button and watch your juicer at work of making you a fresh juice. A 350-watt juicer with 12,000 RPMs of speed, and a very large chute that can take in a complete fruit without having to cut it into smaller sizes (saving a lot of time of having to cut). And it dispenses freshly squeezed juice directly from the sprout into a glass or container.

It automatically disposes the pulp into the bin at the back end for further use or disposal. The pulp could be used for adding flavor to foods such as sauces and soups. This juicer machine was commercially designed with a blade that was made of stainless steel and basket. Which I might add, makes it very durable even for its price. Made for home use but commercially designed, that is an added advantage, I must say. And it is considered the highest juice yield compared to other juicers.


  • Durability- This machine is made for home use yet commercially designed whichOmega Big mount juicer makes it very durable.
  • Big Mouth Pulp Ejection style juicing system.
  • Has an extra large feed chute that makes it possible to gulp a whole fruit without having to cut to smaller pieces, thereby saving you time.
  • A powerful 1/2 horsepower motor that is strong enough to drive through any kind of fruit or vegetable, despite the size or proportion.
  • Easy to clean- Because of its ability to automatically dispose pulp at the bin. For easy disposal, a small plastic liner can be placed inside the bin. Which you can easily dump when it is full and continue juicing.
  • Affordable- Compared to other juicers, it is affordable yet efficient.
  • Awesome warranty- It has a very good and one of the longest warranty ever, which is 10 years. They must have trusted the quality of this juicer machine to have given a 10-year warranty.

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  • Some complained of the sound to be a little bit loud.
  • Some also complained of leakage; although this was an isolated complaint because others found theirs just fine without any problem.


Omega big mouth juicer is an excellent machine that delivers in terms of juicing fruit or vegetable. And it is affordable compared to other juicing machines that are as much effective. If you are looking to getting a juicer that is both affordable and productive, go get this juicer now at the Amazon.

At the Amazon, you will get it at a discounted rate compared to other places, where the price is significantly inflated.

Enjoy a fresh fruit or vegetable juice with Omega big mouth juicer today by going to the Amazon.

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12 thoughts on “Omega Big Mouth Juicer-BMJ330 Model”

  1. Great article on the omega big mouth juicer. Juicing is growing more and more in popularity and I myself have thought about owning a juicer in the near future. Thank you.

  2. Yunier Gonzalez

    I’m huge on eating healthy and drinking as well. I believe that the omega big mouth juicer is a must have for the people that enjoy eating healthy. It’s very neat that it can brake up fruits the size of apples. With the 1/2 horsepower motor its strong enough to penetrate through any type of fruit or vegetable!

    I’m getting it very soon 🙂

    1. You can say that again Yunier, upon that they gave it a 10 year limited warranty. What else can you ask for a machine that can do so much at a very good price? So, go grabs yours now, if you haven’t gotten any.

  3. Great product review, Nnamdi,
    The Omega Big Mouth juicer looks really nice, I’m thinking of buying one for my friend’s birthday. I’ve always wanted a juice maker but since my friend lives just beside my room, its practically mine anyway lol. Great review, definitely saving up and getting myself one next week!

  4. I love juicing, but the with the juicer I have you need to cut everything up into quite small pieces for them to fit in the mouth of the juicer.
    The name Omega Big Mouth Juicer must mean I wouldn’t have the same problem! Combined with the powerful motor I think it would be a lot easier to juice with a juicing machine like this one!

    I don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen so do you know how heavy the Omega is? I’d have to take it back and forward from a shelf.

  5. There seems to be a lot of juicing machines on the market, so I am wondering if I buy this one, will a better one come along next week? In saying that, it does sound pretty good, and I must admit, there’s nothing better than fresh juice in the morning, or after a run.

    1. Hi Todd, there could be a new one that is better in the furture, after all there is an evolution in technology. Are you going to wait till the next best one? Of course no, therefore spice your day with fresh juice!

  6. Great review and to the point .. I think it’s a great machine that will deliver it’s best of juicing fruits, and the affordable price will make me think about buying one. I like the beauty and simple design which came with perfect features and few flaws. Really helpful and amazing review .. Keep up the good work.

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