Proform 10 CE Elliptical Review

Proform 10 CE Elliptical Review

Burn more calories and lose weight with Proform 10 CE Elliptical because of its great Proform 10 CE Elliptical Review
features such as the 18 workout apps and the quick adjustable stride from 16’’ to 20’’. And this unit also offers the opportunity to work out around the world! How that can be possible, you might ask. Well, this is possible through its function called Google Maps, and you also have the chance to download to the console a personalized workout program by Jillian Michaels a certified personal trainer every day.  These and much more other functions/features (which you will find out in due course of this review) will help you to attain your fitness goal.

To be honest, every elliptical trainer has its pros and cons, but anyone of them could be appealing to you because of its features. Do not hesitate to look up other elliptical trainers on this site for you to see if there is anyone you might like, so that you will have options to choose from.

Now, let’s look at the features of the Proform 10 CE Elliptical machine a little bit closer to evaluate its potential.


Soft Grips– It has got this upper body workout arms with soft grips that help to work on the upper body and burn more calories while it provides comfort.

5’’’Backlit Display– This feature provides you with your workout stats and data that wouldProform 10 CE Elliptical Review help you know how you are progressing, which will in turn help to keep you motivated when you know you are making progress. Such data as speed, distance, resistance, calories burned, Time, and pulse will be displayed on the console for you to see at all times.

Adjustable Stride– The adjustable stride length can be adjusted from 16’’ to 20’’, which means you have the option of finding the stride length that suits you better.

18 Preset Workouts– This one is awesome and very useful in achieving your key goal. There are 9 performance workouts that would help you to work on your endurance and performance.

Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) – This means that the unit will be smooth, and frictionless while working out. It also enables you to adjust your workout intensity without having to stop your workout.

Good Oversized Pedals– This will allow the user to adjust to different foot positions whichProform 10 CE Elliptical Review will offer great stability during a workout.

Saves Space- It has got 1-Step SpaceSaver designed to save space by folding up. So, you can easily fold it up when not in use for storage.

iFit Live Technology Compatible– This allows you to personalize workout program, download workouts wirelessly to the console. You remember I said you could get personalized workouts from Jilian Michaels? This will help you do that and also listen to her walk you through your workout. Through the iFit Live you can draw a map or select a course to get started online.

As you workout, your data/result is uploaded to in real time. Manage your profile and monitor your nutrition on There are a whole lot you can accomplish through the iFit Live Technology and this unit is compatible with iFit Live.

iPod Compatible– For those of us that love bouncing on a workout with the rhythm, this is your machine because it is iPod compatible which means you  can plug in your iPod or MP3 player into the music port and listen to your favorite music while you do your thing, that sounds like fun!

Speakers– Intermix acoustic 2.0 sound system with 2 in build speakers.

18 Digital Resistance Levels– You can adjust your workout resistance level to burn moreProform 10 CE Elliptical Review calories, 18 levels are available for you to choose from in order to intensify and challenge yourself for greater results.

Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor-The handlebars have got the EKG rate monitor built into them to enable you to read or know your heart rate at any given time so that you will always be within your training zone for achieving your fitness goals.

Water Bottle Holder– This helps to make water handy while working out because hydration is very important when you are exercising.

It Supports up to 275 pounds weight.

Dimension- 52.2 x 34 x 18 inches

Warranty- Lifetime on frame, 1 year on parts and labor.

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The first thing I found wrong with the Proform 10 CE Elliptical is that it does not have incline ramp option. That is a big minus from the value of this unit; even though I know some people will argue that has the magnetic resistance which will help on to increase intensity.

Some have the opinion that the Proform 10 CE Elliptical should have been made to support higher weight instead of 275 pounds.


If you are looking to get this unit after reading the review, I think is a great idea because the price is right and the features and built were done to help users achieve their fitness goal. For more reviews on the Proform 10 CE Elliptical you can click right here to clear any doubts you may be having.

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3 thoughts on “Proform 10 CE Elliptical Review

  1. This looks like a good item to achieve your dream body and it doesn’t cost too much the price is so right for the great features and facilities it offers!

    I always go to run in the morning , this trainer will allow me to lose more calories inside my house!

    Thanks for sharing this great review and thanks for the link for Amazon!

  2. Hi Nnamdi,

    Thanks for this information. I’ve thought about buying a treadmill but I just don’t have the room. More importantly I lack the willpower and determination to commit to a regular exercise regime – something that I need to change. Will reconsider now 🙂

  3. Thank you for a very thorough review of this elliptical trainer exercise machine. In my youthful days I often visited the local gymnasium to use equipment such as this to improve my fitness. The high cost of such equipment made gym membership a much cheaper option! What I did like in your review of this particular item was the easy to read display screen, the good range of workout options and the over sized pedals which offer great stability

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