Recumbent Bike Reviews-Latest Buying Guide

Recumbent Bike Reviews-Latest Buying Guide 2019

The recumbent bike is one piece of cardio machine that could help you burn tons of calories without much hassle. However, the problem has always been knowing and getting the right unit for your home gym. There are so many of them out there on the market and that has created some degree of confusion and difficulty when it comes to deciding which one to purchase. The good news is that you are not alone on that because we at HTBTB has taken it upon ourselves to provide a comprehensive recumbent bike buying guide that will ultimately help you find the right machine.

Most people are worried about budget, recumbent bike’s features such as the resistance system; which one should be the best, air or magnetic resistance? There are a lot of questions and reasons to buy or not to buy a particular recumbent bike and at the end of the day, you seem not to exactly know what you are looking for. It is that bad and we wish to let you know that we understand and that is the reason why we shall help you.

We have reviewed some recumbent bikes and even written about the benefits of the recumbent bike as well. This has given us some good insight into finding the best recumbent bike.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

There are so many bikes now available…as a matter of fact, there three categories of exercise bikes and these are the upright bikes, spin bikes, and the recumbent bikes. Each of these bikes is unique in design and why would you choose to purchase a recumbent bike instead. Well, you must have your reasons but we are going to highlight some of the benefits of the recumbent bike.


Typically, one of the benefits of a recumbent bike is the fact that it offers a low-impact workout. As you have already known that some other type of cardio workouts usually stress the back, ankles, hips, and knees especially when the exercise has to do with so much thrust to the legs. The recumbent bike gives a user a comfortable recline position to thrust and workout without experiencing all of those negative effects. It could be the best choice for the injured and the elderly for recovery and stay physically fit.

 Achieve Perfect Cardio Workout

That being said, it doesn’t mean you are not going to experience challenging workouts that burn a lot of calories. You will be able to work out with so much intensity that will in turn work and tone the legs and glutes.  Being a recumbent bike with a low-impact allows you to work out longer and effectively.

The unit basically works on the butt and legs as no other machine does. The workout benefits of this machine excite it, users, tremendously. It has established by researchers that at least 20 to 30 minutes daily workout gets anyone to that cardio-fitness level that is required for general fitness. Did you know that cardio also reduces the risk of serious health issues including heart disease? Exercising with the recumbent bike will tremendously put you on the advantage of achieving that physical fitness with ease and safety as well.

Burning Calorie

You can burn a lot of calorie with a recumbent bike, however, depending on your fitness and weight level though. Users have been able to burn a lot of calories hourly by engaging in an intense and challenging workout by using the right resistance levels and pre-programmed workouts available in the unit. You will be able to build muscles even as you increase your overall metabolism. This means the body will continue to burn calories even after the actual workout routine.

Feeling Great After Exercise

There is also the benefit of feeling great and excited after working out with a machine like the recumbent bike. It has been proven that indoor fitness machines which include the recumbent bike tend to increase endorphins that are responsible for a feeling of excitement that eliminates depression. Think of it, feeling healthy and fit make you happier because you know you have begun to build that body.

Saves Cost and Provides Convenience

By having a recumbent bike for home use will certainly save cost and offer you the flexibility of working out at your own time and place. You don’t have to pay for that monthly or yearly gym membership anymore. This could even save a lot more money because your family members will not have to go to the gym anymore as well.

You are saving on memberships and gas. You exercise as your own time without worries about not being able to make it to the gym or bad weather.

Where Recumbent Bike is Used

Recumbent bikes are found in gyms and fitness clubs. They are also necessary machines for home gyms. Its popularity is understandable because the use of a recumbent bike is a great way to do so many exercises that pertain to physical fitness such as weight loss and overall physical wellness. Moreover, having it at home is another way of staying focused on your quest for a healthy body because it will be there just inches away from you begging you to workout with it.

You may have already known that purchasing a recumbent bike online is just as easy as purchasing from your local fitness store if not even a lot convenient. You could make your order from places like the Amazon and have them send your product to your doorstep without extra delivery charges. All delivery and carrying of the recumbent bike box will be delivered to the room you intend to use it. You may also opt for special assembly by an expert that would assemble and set up the machine for you.

Recumbent Bike Purchasing Guide

There are hundreds of recumbent bikes out there including brands and models that possess different features and price tags. We are going to try to look at these recumbent bikes based on their popularity with the help of Amazon customer reviews and rating and of course with our own personal examination as well. This will be your ultimate recumbent bike purchasing guide.

 Best Recumbent Bike- Price Range $100 to $200

The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 has 1,748 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.2 out 5. This is a very popular recumbent bike that has got great features and affordability. If your budget falls within this range then look no further. Read our full review right here.

The Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike has 2,267 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.2 out of 5. This is yet another recommendable recumbent bike for those on a budget. Click right here to read our full review.

The Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise Bike has 221 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 3.9 out 5 as at the time of writing this report.

The Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike with Pulse Wider Seat Extended has 144 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.5 out 5 as at the time of writing this post. Click right here to read the full review.

The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Desk Station Folding Exercise Bike has 356 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.3 out 5 as at the time of writing this review.

Best Recumbent Bike- Price Range $300 to $500

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike has 160 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.1 out 5 as at the time of writing this review. Nautilus is a household name in terms of fitness equipment and you can also read our full review right here with comparison table.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has 788 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.2 out 5 at the time this article was written. This is a recumbent bike to add to your home gym definitely. Click right here to read the full review.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike has 967 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.3 out 5 as at the time this review was written. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after recumbent bikes. Click right here to read our review.

Best Recumbent Bike- Price Range $500 to $800

The Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike has 96 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4 out 5. This is one of the recumbent bikes in this price range that has a good number of reviews from Amazon customers. Click right here to read our full review.

The Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike has 102 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4.4 out 5 as at the time of writing this review. This has strong popularity and with features that will surely make your workout feel like fun.

Best Recumbent Bike- Price Range $1000 and Up

The Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike is a high-end unit that has 31 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4 out 5. If you are looking for something more sophisticated then you may want to check out this one. Click right here to read the full review

The Nustep TRS 4000 Recumbent Cross Trainer is a more of a hybrid that has a recumbent bike and Elliptical trainer features. This means, unlike a typical recumbent bike you will be able to work the overall body (upper and lower body). It is a well-advanced machine designed to help folks with physical medical conditions. It has 25 Amazon customer reviews with an approval rating of 4 out 5. Click right here to read our full review.

Our Best Pick

We are going to recommend our best low and high budget recumbent bikes.

The Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike is a budget-friendly machine that will suit folksRecumbent Bike Reviews-Latest Buying Guide that are looking to adding a recumbent bike to their home gym. It is well below $200 with good features that could help you realize your fitness goals.

It supports up to 300 pounds user weight capacity and It has also a wider and comfortable seat designed to offer an exciting workout experience. It has got a magnetic resistance system that offers challenging workouts and makes operation quiet and smooth. At it price, you also have the opportunity of reading or tracking your workout progress because it has a monitor that displays your heart rate via the grip contact sensor. This means that you should be able to remain and maintain your target heart rate zone at all times. You also get to see workout data such as time, speed, and calories burned.

Click here to read our full review

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is a very good recumbent bike for anyone. It is very popular with over 900Recumbent Bike Reviews-Latest Buying Guide Amazon customer reviews and still maintains a 4.3 out 5 approval rating. It is not difficult to see why this machine is so loved by its users.

It has Dual track two LCD window system that allows you to observe up to 13 different display feedbacks. It is Schwinn Connect enabled, which allows you to track your goals and export data; this is essential to reaching your fitness goals. It has 29 programs and 4 user settings. You should be able to experience outstanding intense and challenging workouts because of it 25 levels of resistance aligned with a high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.

Click right here to read the full review.

However, we discovered that this unit is no longer available at the time of this review. Therefore, you can substitute it for Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike (MY17) just in case is still not available. These two recumbent machines share similar features.  Click right here to read our full review.

Features to Consider in Recumbent Bikes

Amazon Customer Reviews

Use the Amazon customer reviews to know what previous users are saying about any recumbent bike you are interested in. If most of the users speak favorably about the machine that is a green light to go ahead and purchase.


The flywheel is responsible for the consistent, smooth and quiet operation of a recumbent bike. Therefore, a heavy flywheel is an ideal feature for your machine. This also improves and simulates the operation of an actual bike on the road.

Resistance System

You may want to know the resistance system of any recumbent bike you are interested in because that is yet another vital aspect that ensures that you get an intense and challenging workout. The higher the resistance levels the better because you will have ample options to use. Often times, the magnetic resistant system is considered to be the best because of it smooth and quiet operation.


Pre-programs help you toward achieving your fitness goals and it can even be a lot easier and useful if the recumbent machine design pairs the pre-program workouts with the heart rate in order to give you a cardio workout that is decided by your target heart rate level.

Ability to Download Workout Data

If a recumbent bike has the capability to download workout data that would be a plus and some units do offer this feature such as the one in Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike that has Schwinn Connect.

Data Tracking

Data tracking essentially helps you to have different useful workout information that could make you stay focused. This information allows you to know the progress of your workout and what you have achieved at a given time. Again, Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is a very good example of a unit that has this feature.

Seat Design

The seat design must not be ignored because it is responsible for comfort. If the seat is poorly designed then chances are you will be having a difficult time trying to be comfortable during workouts. A good seat has to be wide, well cushioned and of course adjustable.

Weight Capacity

Always know the weight capacity a given recumbent bike supports. Usually, there are mostly 250 to 300 pounds of weight capacity recumbent bikes.


A good warranty is a necessity. If a recumbent bike has a good warranty on the frame, parts, and labor then that shows that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the unit.

Other Necessary Considerations

Workout Outfit

It is important to improve the quality of the workout by putting on the right clothes. Fitted clothes are ideal for working out on a recumbent bike oppose to non-fitted cloths that could get you distracted or worst still injured. Try fitted shorts and shirts.

Good Gym Shoes

Using the best gym shoes cannot be overemphasized because this is also responsible for your safety and comfort. Check out our review of the best gym shoes for men and women.

Recumbent Bike Maintenance

Do not forget to do little things like dusting or cleaning your unit when you are done working out. Such action could prevent unnecessary breakdown and allow the unit to last longer. Dust and moisture are not good for the recumbent bike.


The best recumbent bikes for home use are covered in this post. We have tried to come up with the best through our thorough reviews and Amazon customer reviews to further cement our opinion.

Recumbent bikes are great for everyone and most especially those that have a physical health condition and the elderly. You can go as intense as you want with your workout and challenge yourself even more and still get all the positive effect of burning calories without the stress to the back, knees, ankles and other joints that are usually experienced with some other ways of doing cardio.

Hopefully, we are able to help you, but if you do have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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