Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits-A Must Read!

Now that you are on my website, I will presume that there is no need to convince you about the importance of home exercise bikes. However, I will like to reiterate the fact that home bikes are essential to living a healthy life as you build that kind of body you would always wish you had. For some of us that would always seek for alternative means of doing cardio like jogging/running, riding an outdoor bike, an indoor home bike will be the best option.

There are two kinds of indoor bikes; the upright and the recumbent indoor bike. Yes, I do remember the main topic of this writes up is all about the ‘’Recumbent exercise bike benefits.’’ For clarity and to help you distinguish and decide on which one to use, I will like to say one or two things about the upright bike.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These type of bikes have been around for like ages now, and very popular amongst many.Recumbent exercise bike benefits And there are even more reasons why people like them, as every new model comes with new and advanced technologies/features, which improve comfortability and positive impacts it makes on our physical health. Nevertheless, before deciding to use an upright bike for workouts, there are things you need to consider.

I believe one area where the upright bike has an edge over the recumbent is on the price. The cost of an upright bike is a lot cheaper than the recumbent, but it depends on the model of course. Therefore, if you are on a low budget you can always go for the upright bike and still get a good and quality one for that price, isn’t that awesome? And the other benefit that is worth mentioning is the fact that it takes up little space. If you don’t have space in your apartment, then the ideal bike is the upright bike instead of opting for the recumbent type

As far as the upright bike is concerned, I really do like it, because it gives room for versatility and allows you to do your thing in different styles. You know what, it actually gives the feel of an actual bike because you will be able to pedal while standing or seating, which gives the legs more intensive exercise and sensation.


Although, there is one turn off about the upright bike which you will totally agree with me, is the seat. The seat for both the indoor and outdoor bikes are never comfortable I must say. And will never recommend any of them to an elderly, people suffering from a chronic back pain or another type of lower back pain issues.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike

This one is for those that cherish comfort while exercising because a recumbent exerciseRecumbent exercise bike benefits bike will surely give you the comfort while you exercise. It will help you to last longer in every session of your workouts because of its comfort. Unlike the upright exercise bike seat, the recumbent bike has a chair-like seat that allows you to sit back in a relaxed fashion while exercising. This chair-like seat offers support to your back and you won’t feel any strain because of the support and the reclined position of your body.

The seat is just one aspect of the recumbent that offers comfort. Unlike the upright bike, where you will have to lean forward in a hunched form to grab the handles, but it is totally the opposite with the recumbent because your hands are free. You can just rest them on the handles beside your hips or even use them to operate a remote control to a TV, read a book or even play that favorite game you love so much.


Some people have argued about its effectiveness to the body compared to the upright exercise bike. However, I think you may not be able to feel that kind of sensational impact on your legs, but as cardio is concerned, you will burn an equal amount of calories as you would if you used an upright bike. I would rather not say this is a downside of the recumbent, because you will even burn more calories when you exercise longer due to its comfortability.

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I like to say that getting in shape is entirely up to you, no matter how effective these machines are. These machines can help you to an extent to achieve your goal, but you will still be the one to do the ‘’heavy lifting’’ in term of getting results.

I will recommend the upright exercise bike if you are into cycling and do not have issues with your back. The upright exercise bike gives you the quality cardio you need and remember, they take less space for storage and it’s affordable too.

But if you have back problem or you prefer comfort over cardio, then your ultimate choice would be the recumbent exercise bike. This will still help you to burn calories if not even more. I do hope this will guide you to make the right choice.


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