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Hey mate, you are welcome to my site. You know, I did my home work when I discover thatRowing Machine Benefits there are folks out there who would want to know about the benefits of a rowing machine before they can make a purchase. Heck, I would want to know the benefits of anything I want to buy before investing my hard earned cash on it. Therefore, it is only normal to ask for rowing machine benefits.

As a result I decided to do some digging and research on a rowing machine in order to know exactly what the rowing machine offer to our health and fitness. As it was, I am an enthusiast who has a special love for equipment that is designed to help build that body and help us to maintain a physical fitness. It is only wise to invest in our health, especially on the preventive aspect; after all what is the point of hustling and doing all we can to make that money without caring for that body that ‘’enabled’’ us to wake up each and every day to do that.

So, my fellow enthusiasts, here is an overview of the rowing machine benefits.

What is a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is that machine that is designed for workouts to mimic a real rowing boat in order to bring about some physical activities that would help maintain a physical fitness by way of burning fat and toning the muscles of the body. Now, this is my definition, it may not be perfect but it sure must have passed the message across, right?

Usually they come with some sort of feature that would help the user monitor his progress while exercising, such as a monitor to display data on speed, distance covered, power, and calories burned. They are often made up of a long frame with a seat that is close to the floor, adorned with a braked flywheel at the front of the frame, with a handle that is connected to the flywheel by a rope or chain. When using the rowing machine the handle is being pulled by the user towards the body as the seat slides away from and toward the flywheel which allows the user to also engage the lower body during the rowing motion.

Magnet, water or air is used to cause a resistance in a rowing machine that would make a workout more or less challenging for the user. Magnet resistance is usually being set by the user and it is smooth and quieter than the water and air. However, its resistance remains constant, which means that, once it is set it remains constant making it to be less like a real rowing.

Rowing Machine Benefits

It is only imperative to point out that rowing is one of the best workouts for developing aerobic fitness. Yes, it does not only raise your heart rate and make you break a sweat; it also impacts positively on your muscular system as well. Unlike most cardio machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and stair climber, rowing machine has a way of exercising and impacting both your upper and lower body. A user is believed to be using a 65 to 75 percent of leg work and a 25 to 35 percent of upper body work, while exercising with an indoor rower.

So it will be right to say that one of the rowing machine benefits is the fact that you stand the chance of getting a full body aerobic with just one machine. And you don’t have to worry about joint pains that could occur when jogging outdoor or using a treadmill.
It Increases Overall Body Muscular Strength and Endurance

Like I mentioned on my preamble above, the indoor rower increases the overall body muscular strength and endurance. In other words, it tones every muscle group in the body, just because you are pushing and pulling against resistance each time you are using a rowing machine. And for the fact you are doing so (pulling and pushing) repeatedly for the entire time of your workout, that enable the muscle group to continue exerting force without corresponding fatigue, which will make the muscles to grow and develop and even become stronger over time.

You can exercise individually or as a group

Many rowing classes across the U.S are coming up with a group rowing as an alternative toRowing Machine Benefits group cycling classes. They performed in a similar fashion where there will be a high energetic instructors, with music in the air and a choreographed routine set to the beat of the music. It can really be fun for those that really love to row with others.

That being said, we all know that you can do it all by yourself if you like; that has been the conventional way of working out with a rowing machine until the emergence of the group workouts with music and choreography.


It is worth mentioning that it can fit on just about anyone’s budget even with all its benefits. One of the top commercial rowing machine in the U.S, Concept2, has its Model D Indoor Rowing Machine sold for $900. When compared to other high end commercial machines like cycling bike you will discover that it will cost you up to or close to $2000 to get one.

While this comparison was made based on rates of the commercially designed machines, so also the difference in rate when compared based on the residential equipment. And it will even cost you more should you decide to be taking classes at your local gym. Do the math and you will come to the conclusion as I have.

Moreover, remember, not everyone has a lake or a river nearby let alone having a rowing boat. But a rowing machine is available year round, and you don’t even need a life jacket to use one.


Rowing machine benefits are great, but it has it downside. Poor posture can result to injury especially the lower back. And if you have a preexisting low back problem you may not be able to use one as the seat is low to the floor.

If you are interested in using one and do not have a lower back problem, asking for tips on how to use a rowing machine from a trainer would be pretty much good idea.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions, but if you still have a question, comment or contribution, please do drop it in the comment box below.

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Stay healthy

9 thoughts on “Rowing Machine Benefits

  1. Nice website i like it ! I agree, rowing machine are very good stuff to build body, especially to burn fat ! Your content is good, and i like the layout of the post !

    Keep up the good work ! 🙂

  2. I love this! The rowing machine has helped big time. I highly recommend the rowing machine to anyone looking to get into better shape without hurting your body. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Great review of the rowing machine. l will consider buying one during this harsh Swedish winter since there ins’t much exercises to do in winter at -16 degrees. l love the fact that it does not take much space and it works on my whole body. Just a quick question, what is the age limit of children who can use this machine because once installed l know my kids will be curious to join the fun. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Amos for your visit. When you talk about age limit of children that can use a rower, you should know that rower machine is not for fun, but for physical fitness and weight loss purposes. Therefore, I would say it is not for children, if a child must use it I would recommend seeing a medical practitioner to determine if it is necessary.

      1. Thank you for the sound advice. l also think unlike the treading machine we are using as a family, the rower parts are difficult to reach if you have a small body.

        1. That’s right, but like I said earlier on, you mustn’t allow children to use a rowing machine or any other cardio equipment until you get the consent of a specialist.

  4. As a former personal trainer, Army physical training instructor and 2 time participant of the British indoor rowing championships I can honestly say that the rower is one of the best form of exercise available alongside swimming, it’s ideal for CV, resistance training and it’s low impact. Also in my opinion no other rower comes close to the concept 2. Great post.

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