1. Romain

    Nice website i like it ! I agree, rowing machine are very good stuff to build body, especially to burn fat ! Your content is good, and i like the layout of the post !

    Keep up the good work ! 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Romain for dropping by…

  2. meherbani

    I love this! The rowing machine has helped big time. I highly recommend the rowing machine to anyone looking to get into better shape without hurting your body. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Amos

    Great review of the rowing machine. l will consider buying one during this harsh Swedish winter since there ins’t much exercises to do in winter at -16 degrees. l love the fact that it does not take much space and it works on my whole body. Just a quick question, what is the age limit of children who can use this machine because once installed l know my kids will be curious to join the fun. Thanks.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Amos for your visit. When you talk about age limit of children that can use a rower, you should know that rower machine is not for fun, but for physical fitness and weight loss purposes. Therefore, I would say it is not for children, if a child must use it I would recommend seeing a medical practitioner to determine if it is necessary.

      • Amos

        Thank you for the sound advice. l also think unlike the treading machine we are using as a family, the rower parts are difficult to reach if you have a small body.

        • Nnamdi

          That’s right, but like I said earlier on, you mustn’t allow children to use a rowing machine or any other cardio equipment until you get the consent of a specialist.

  4. Dan

    As a former personal trainer, Army physical training instructor and 2 time participant of the British indoor rowing championships I can honestly say that the rower is one of the best form of exercise available alongside swimming, it’s ideal for CV, resistance training and it’s low impact. Also in my opinion no other rower comes close to the concept 2. Great post.

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