Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike- Recumbent Review


The Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike is no longer on sale now, therefore you may want to look up the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike or better still look up for any other Recumbent Bike in our review category.

Schwinn Fitness has quite a number of recumbent bikes that are recommendable, some of which I have reviewed. Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike is worth looking at and I intend to bring to you its benefits and as well as its downside. Any person that loves indoor exercise, especially cardio workouts, then Schwinn 213 might just be the equipment to use. Obviously, recumbent bikes have benefits than the upright bikes, especially in the area of low-impact exercises. You will experience a lot more comfortable while exercising with a recumbent bike, especially Schwinn recumbent bike such as the Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike.

What makes a recumbent bike outstanding is partly its seat; it has this seat that is upholstery padded with a back support that ensures that you don’t feel the strain and stress that is usually associated with working out on another kind of cardio machines. Schwinn 213 exercise Bike will surely be a valuable unit when added to your home gym. With no further ado let’s see what makes this piece of equipment desirable, shall we?

16 Levels of resistance– I am sure you know what that means; 16 levels of resistance will surely make your workout as challenging as you would want it to be. The more challenging your workout is, the more you tend to burn calories and lose fat.

Adjustable Fan– We all need to be cool in order to remain focused on achieving the goal we have in mind and the adjustable fan will help in ensuring that you don’t sweat profusely to the point of getting irritated because irritation is the last thing you would want to happen to you while working out.

Padded Seat– the Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike comes with a padded recumbent Bio-Fit wide seat, plus a dual position lumbar support seat back.

Backlit LCD computer Display– This feature is designed to give or exhibit your workout statistics and data such as the pulse, Speed, Calories burned, Resistance, Interval time, RPM (Revolution Per Minute), Alpha-numeric prompts and Resistance.

Bio-Fit Pedals– Its Bio-Fit pedals will also make you feel comfortable and secure because of the strap on the pedal designed to prevent slippage.

Let’s see the overview of the features

  • 10 Profile courses with calorie goal, BMI (body mass measurement), manual mode, results in mode, fitness test, quick start, and recovery test.
  • Magazine and reading rack
  • Water bottle holder within reach
  • Transport wheels that would make movement and storage easy.
  • Handlebars with heart rate sensors
  • Computer controlled drive system
  • Supports 300 pounds maximum user weight
  • Product weighs about 108 pounds/ 136 kg.
  • Product Dimensions are, 58’’ L x 26’’ W x 52’’  D
  • Warranty- 10 Years for frame, 1 year for mechanical and electrical, 6 months for wear items, and 90 days for labor.


So, what are the things that are not so good about the Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike? Well, a friend just mentioned one or two things that might be an issue with this bike. The first one is the fan; remember I mentioned about the fan being very useful by cooling you off while working out, OK, that might be a myth because the fan does work but is far from keeping the user cool because of the distance from the user.

The other problem is that shorter individuals may find it difficult to use because the adjustment is not so good. My friend’s wife that is about 5’2’’ barely uses it because the seat doesn’t adjust close enough. Moreover, I think it is worth mentioning, assembling this unit may require 2 persons to do that for easy assembly.


You will agree with me that everything that is good also has its downside, so does the Schwinn 213 Exercise Bike, but the great thing is that the pros outweigh the cons. To have a unit such as this at the price it’s being sold at is good. If you are the type that loves to listen to music or watch a TV show while working out, then you will love this unit even more because it is smooth and quiet while in use.

Therefore, if you wish to get one, the best place to do so would be the Amazon.

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