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Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike 2017

A friend of mine once said ‘’who says working out and staying physically fit cannot be fun’’? Most people don’t see working out as fun but rather as an obligation that must be done in order to stay healthy. But exercise doesn’t have to be an obligatory routine that you must do even when you don’t feel like doing it. All you need to do in order to enjoy workout is to get the right equipment that would offer you the opportunity of enjoying a workout while you burn that fat.

The Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike might just be the machine that you need in order to be active and happy again. This machine has got the right features to make your workout very easy yet effective, and a senior consumer that reviewed the Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike wrote, ‘’ Great for us seniors!’’ I took the liberty of taking the screenshot of the review, is right below. He was so ecstatic about the machine that I couldn’t get the whole review into my screenshot because it is so lengthy.

Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike 2017

If you wish workout at the comfort of your home without having to pay for that ridiculous gym membership, and to avoid the inconvenience of having to go to the gym and put up with people then this is your opportunity.

Let’s have an overview of the features and pros of the Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent.


  • It has DualTrack two blue back-lit LCD screen system that offers improved visibility ofSchwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike 2017 workout data and goal tracking. This also solves the problem of not seeing the workout data when having a media device propped up on the screen.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity that offers a seamless transition of data to smart devices. This enables you to transfer data to your favorite fitness apps or to the SchwinnConnect app.
  • It has 25 levels of computer controlled resistance that offers a wide range of intensity workout options that is challenging and fitness goal-oriented.
  • It has 29 preset programs, 4 users’ settings and goal tracking that are designed to keep you motivated and challenged.
  • It has to charge USB port, speakers and adjustable 3-speed fan that will keep you entertained and cool during a workout.
  • A media shelf is available to hold your smart devices during a workout.
  • It has a high inertia drive system for an effortless startup and quiet workouts, no wonder the senior insisted that this unit is even best for them.
  • It has got upgraded pedal system with a 3-piece crankSchwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike 2017
  • It has oversized pedals and adjustable seat that would enable you to adjust to your preferred or suitable position
  • Its seat is ventilated, contoured and cushioned to give you the most comfortable ride without having to be bored.
  • It has ergonomically-positioned handlebars that work together with the well-designed seat for a stress-free workout.Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike 2017
  • It has got a perimeter weighted flywheel drive system that keeps the unit grounded while it operates smoothly.
  • It has heart rate monitor sensors embedded on the handlebars beside the seat.
  • It has got straps on the pedals for safety from slippage.
  • It has 9 heart rate programs
  • There are transport wheels designed to help make movement and storage easy.
  • It has a water bottle holder which is very important because hydration during a workout is a must.
  • The frame is made of steel
  • It supports 300 pounds maximum user weight


One thing I think is a drawback in this machine is the fact that it does not have HR chest strap which may, however, be inconsequential for most people.

Product Dimensions

  • 64’’ Length
  • 27’’ Width
  • 50’’ Height
  • It weighs about 86.7 pounds


  • 10 Years on frame
  • 2 Years for mechanical
  • 1 Year for electrical
  • 90 days for labor

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping cost of the Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike depends on where you are purchasing the unit from. For instance, if you are buying from the Amazon, then shipping cost is waived because it is free but that may not be the case with other retailers.

As for assembly, it is pretty easy to assemble because the major components come pre-assembled and you only need to fix things like the stabilizers, handlebars, display, seat, and pedals. And it is also accompanied by an instruction manual that would walk you through the process of assembly.


Should you buy? That would be yes if you can afford it. From the Amazon consumer reviews, they recommended this machine as 50% of the consumers scored it 5 out 5 while the other 50% scored it 4 out of 5. This is pretty encouraging. You may read the Amazon consumer reviews right here, just scroll down and you will see their reviews.

The Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike is basically designed for recovery training, weight loss, interval, and light to medium cardio training.

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