1. Milos

    Although I’m on the side of outdoor running rather than treadmill running, I know that they are very handy when the weather is bad outside etc. As for this specific model, the cushion flex whisper deck is an awesome feature. Also like how it looks, the screen is nice. Great review.

    • admin

      Yes Milos, like you rightly said, sole f80 treadmills will come handy during bad weather and there is also the advantage of knowing your progress too.

  2. Kimmie

    Overall this is a good review but the fact that user progress can’t be saved turns me off of this treadmill. Thank you for the great informative review.

    • admin

      Yes Kim, it may not be appeal to people who would want to save the progress of their workout, but overall, it is a beautiful and useful treadmill.

  3. Emily

    Thank you for the review! While I truly enjoy running outside, as opposed to inside, time and weather do not always allow for an outdoor run. I like to run first thing in the morning, while my mind is quiet before I start my day. When the day ahead is full, it saves time to jump on my treadmill instead of heading out. My current treadmill, is a gym-grade model, but is getting old. I am starting my search for a new treadmill and will definitely keep this review bookmarked!

    • admin

      Thank you Emily for dropping by. And I hope you will eventually replace your old treadmill with this.

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