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Sole F80 Treadmills-Best Review

sole f80 treadmillsSole F80 Treadmills are the equipment meant for people that intend to lose weight, stay fit and improve in their professional running.  It is widely used in Health Clubs, Hotels and Gyms, because of its outstanding features. It has great selection of programs, built-in treadmill guide, handrails control and of course plenty of positive reviews from real users.

Did you know that Sole F80 Treadmills have great selection of workout programs that are geared to achieving different goals? Its programs include weight loss, incline, heart rate among other programs. It will suffice to say that you can achieve your goal with this equipment no matter what your goal is, except of course for weight training.


Built-in Treadmill guide- It has a ready-made treadmill guide that will help user(s) to use its programs easily. Unlike with a typical treadmill that is always difficult and tough to figure out how to use the programs, especially when there are too many programs. Hence, the Sole Fitness company recognized this problem and tried to address it with this equipment. It is extremely user-friendly that the moment you start to set it up or use the different functions of the treadmill, there are instruction exhibition in form of scroll across the screen to guide you through the process. Which I think is a huge leap to help those that are new to treadmills.

Handrail Controls– It is easy to adjust the speed and incline mid-workout through the handrail controls. However, these controls can also be found at the console of the treadmill, but it is a lot easier and handy when it comes to manipulating some of the functions while in a middle of workout without having to break.

Several Positive Reviews– For the fact that there are positive reviews by users of this equipment is enough testament that it is a good stuff. The Amazon users reviews rated the Sole F80 Treadmills 4 stars, while users review rated it 4.5. This is a good indication that this equipment is worth buying. The reviews also pointed out how easy it is to set up/assemble and has overall durability too.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck– Because of this feature, the impact on the joints are reduced up to 40% compared to running on asphalt or outside; this is based on study.

Strong Motor– It has a powerful motor that is 3.5 continuous horsepower which delivers up to 12 mph, and 15% incline.

7.5′ LCD Screen– This treadmill has a jumbo size console that is user friendly with a sole f80 treadmillsbeautiful blue display that makes tracking of speed, incline, time, calories burned, pulse, pace and distance covered easy to read.

MP3 Sound system– It has an mp3 compatible sound system with two heart programs, cooling fans and two custom programs. With all these features, your comfort while exercising is guaranteed.

Warranty– The Sole F80 treadmills have the following manufacturer’s warranties on materials and workmanship defects.

  • Frame, motor, and deck have a lifetime warranty
  • Electronics have five year warranty
  • While labor has a two year warranty

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No user IDs-Some have complained of this equipment not having a user IDs, which means they will not be able to save their workout preferences and track their progress over time. Therefore, if this is one those features you would want to get in a treadmill, then this equipment may not be for you.

Limited Hi Tech features- Some treadmills will give you the ability to use feature/technology like an in-built web browser that will allow you to use Google Maps, which will enable you to walk and run courses all over the world and even race others that are running on the same course. But this function is not available in this machine. Some folks find it motivating and could improv their workout experience.

6 thoughts on “Sole F80 Treadmills-Best Review

  1. Although I’m on the side of outdoor running rather than treadmill running, I know that they are very handy when the weather is bad outside etc. As for this specific model, the cushion flex whisper deck is an awesome feature. Also like how it looks, the screen is nice. Great review.

  2. Overall this is a good review but the fact that user progress can’t be saved turns me off of this treadmill. Thank you for the great informative review.

    1. Yes Kim, it may not be appeal to people who would want to save the progress of their workout, but overall, it is a beautiful and useful treadmill.

  3. Thank you for the review! While I truly enjoy running outside, as opposed to inside, time and weather do not always allow for an outdoor run. I like to run first thing in the morning, while my mind is quiet before I start my day. When the day ahead is full, it saves time to jump on my treadmill instead of heading out. My current treadmill, is a gym-grade model, but is getting old. I am starting my search for a new treadmill and will definitely keep this review bookmarked!

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