Stamina Air Rower Review

Stamina Air Rower Review

The Stamina Air Rower is definitely for those that are on a budget and still wishes to get Stamina Air Rower Reviewequipment that would help them do cardio workouts and it is best for everyone especially beginners who want to get in shape. Are you looking for a rowing machine that is below $500? Stamina Air Rowing machine might just be the workout machine that you need; reasons being that it should certainly be within your budget range and it provides you with real rowing experience as well.

However, to be frank, you may not get all round rowing machine benefits from this equipment but you will surely get the value for the money you are paying for it. Some reviewers have the opinion that the machine doesn’t give enough work on the legs and the back because the resistance doesn’t start early enough to do that.

But here is one other thing you should also see the positive side of this equipment, which is sturdiness and saving space. Aside from the affordable price of this machine, it is also space-saving, which means you don’t have to worry about space when you purchase one. It is also stable and sturdy while at work.

Stamina Air Rower Review

Assembling it is not something you have to battle with but very simple and straightforward in putting together. The seat is good for the price and works smoothly. If you are familiar with rowing machine you will know that most indoor rowing machines can be very noisy but this one is quieter which means you can row and workout having to disturb the rest of the family or alert neighbors that you are working out.

And did I mention that it is made up of the steel frame? That its resistance is manipulated Stamina Air Rower Reviewby the air from the fan? Well, that is true; the air from the fan causes the rowing machine to enter into the resistance mode that would create a challenging workout and the frame is made up of steel. It big footpads can conveniently accommodate almost every user’s foot or shoe size. There is also a strap on it that ensures that your feet do not slip away while working out, I call that safety measure.

Let’s look at the features and Pros, shall we?

Overview of the Features and Pros

  • Console/Monitor/LCD Display- Even at the affordable price this unit comes with aStamina Air Rower Review small yet effective console/monitor that displays the workout data such as the speed, calories burned, workout time and distance covered.
  • Space Saving- Like I said earlier, it is a compact machine that can also be folded and be transported by its little wheels. Call it handy if you like, it is still correct.
  • Resistance- Resistance that is caused by the air that comes from the fan can really help you have a challenging workout.
  • Seat- The seat is an upholstery seat designed to ensure comfort while working out.
  • Big Footpads- This feature ensures that your feet are comfortable and secured at the same time.
  • Steel Frame- This tells you that the unit will and can last long that is durable.
  • Built-in Wheels– This is for moving it around or to wherever you wish to workout.
  • User Weight- It supports a maximum of 250 pounds weight user.
  • Warranty– 3 years on frame, and 90 days on parts.
  • Dimensions– 22’’ H x 18’’ W x 77’’ L

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What is not so good about the Stamina Air Rowing Machine?

Just like with every other equipment like it; one of our reviewers complained about the resistance not kicking in on time, as a result, his legs didn’t get much of a workout instead his arms did most of the heavy lifting and ultimately got tired. But this is one out of ten reviews complaint, but like I said, it is good for the price still.


I have a question for you. Are you on a budget? Are you in need of a rowing machine that you could use to have that rowing experience? If your answer is yes, then what are you still waiting for, head over to Amazon where you can get it at the guaranteed discount price now.

9 thoughts on “Stamina Air Rower Review”

  1. Arthur Siew

    Awesome looking products and really versatile and space saving. It is definitely products that I want to buy when I set up my home Gym !

  2. Angel

    Great information for a person who is just looking for way to get cardio exercise in a short period of time. These days a lot of people just can’t make time to go to the gym and fitting in the driving to and from can be time to use for your exercise. I really like this machine I have used many of times. It raises my heart rate very fast because of the resistance combined with the whole body motion. I find it really fun to use and a really easy way to work up a sweat.

  3. Grace | Work Anywhere Now

    This is great info on this air rower machine, thanks for this, I didn’t know they are so good for you. Is it mainly for upper body workout? I really like the fact that it’s a real space saver too. 🙂

    Thanks for this review!

    1. Nnamdi

      Hello, Grace, typically, rowing machine works on the upper and lower body, it is a great machine to work out with.

  4. Gila

    Thank you for a great review.
    I like the details you specified about the Stamina Air Rower and especially the opportunity of very low price.
    This is an excellent workout tool as long as you use it to do your exercises.

    It will be very helpful if you can put a comparison table, it will help in the decision making

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Gila, maybe I will consider putting a comparison table. Thank you again.

  5. Elizabeth

    Hi Nnamdi
    Rowing machines do give an excellent work out. The Stamina Air Rowing Machine as you say would be a good buy for us that want a general work out but are on a lower budget. Maybe it wouldn’t suit a professional but like you say for the price it would do the job.
    I am going to recommend it to my cousin who is quite in to working out. I think it would suit his level and would be a useful piece of equipment.

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Elizbeth for the visit. This is good for those on low budget and still want to own a rowing machine that could give them the opportunity to workout. However, for professionals, this I will not recommend because it will be frustrating for them.

  6. cyril

    I really enjoyed the clarity and rather well balancing of your review on this machine.
    Well documented and relevant details underligned.
    Certainly a great way to discover the machine.


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