Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Review

Stamina body trac glider 1050 rowing machine review is indeed a review that would Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Reviewclarify any question(s) you may have regarding it. This equipment was designed to give you the feel of a real rowing boat. It’s one of a kind hydraulic piston resistance that ensures you get the best and challenge yourself to the last. Which also guarantees that you get results or achieve your goal within a reasonable short period of workout.

It is definitely good and made for individuals that intend to lose weight or stay in an overall physical fitness. It has two oars like a real rowing boat, but the difference is that, you get to row that boat where ever you like in your home. It is noteworthy to mention the fact that, it is a compact equipment that could be moved around easily and be stored in a small space. I like to call it handy because of its fold-ability and light weight of 39 pounds. You can literally carry it along with you to any where you go…OK, may be not quite but it is definitely space friendly and you don’t have problem moving it around without asking for someone else’ assistance.


Console/Monitor-Is one of its great features, considering the price at which you will get it on Amazon. It is a cheap equipment, yet it managed to come with an LCD display that will enable you to know how far you have rowed in each session. And it will also tell you how long you’ve spent in each session, which is the time, calories burned and stroke count.

However, it does not have any inbuilt program, but if you need something more sophisticated look up the Concept2 model D.

Adjustable Gas Shock Resistance– This is the hydraulic piston that is located underneath the equipment with 12 resistance settings.

Easy Storage– Because of its ability to fold, it can easily be stored anywhere in the house.Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Review

Strong Frame– The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine was built with a strong and sturdy frame. As a matter of fact, it is too good for its price.

User Weight– It supports up to 250 pounds of weight, which means anyone that is 250 pounds or below can use this equipment.

Oars- It has a semblance of real oars that give the feeling of a real rowing a boat.

Affordable– With all these features, it is extremely affordable sold at ($114). Just about anyone can afford to get one.

Good for taller people– Most times, we found out that most equipment were not OK for taller people because of their height. But it is the opposite with Stamina Body Trac Glide 1050 Rowing Machine. At last, taller people can be rest assured that they will be comfortable while exercising with this one.

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That being said, it has quite a number of downsides you should know about.

  • The seat is not padded, as a result, it is not comfortable for some people while exercising with it
  • There is also the issue of the hydraulic piston getting weak at some point, thereby reducing the resistance impact
  • The monitor not so wonderful, but OK for the price you are paying
  • There is also the issue of getting your feet strapped every now and then, because they keep on popping off the foot strap while exercising.

8 thoughts on “Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Review

  1. Great an honest review of the rowing machine. I like how you point out some of the cons as well. Good thing it is light and can be folded for storage. Not everyone can have a workout machine like that standing in the room all the time.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Yes Andreas, it is always good to know all the pros and cons of an equipment before buying it, and my job is to give these information.

  2. Great product review. This product kind of reminds me of the Total Gym that Chuck Norris used to advertise. I like that it is quite affordable and portable and that both men and women can use it.

  3. Nice post and I am a fan of your niche.Anyway i will appreciate it if you can recommend a supplement for my body building because i am not getting the kind of result that i want.

    1. Hello nkay, thank you for dropping by. As for recommending a supplement, I would like you to read this about protein shake. There, you will find your answer and also a link to where you can get it.

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