1. Francis Donaghy

    Great post. I love the detailed review and how you just laid out the whole pros and cons. I think this unit is a good buy, except for the resistance, still a good buy, though.

  2. Kevin Bulmer

    Hi Nnamdi,
    This looks like another pretty honest and objective review. Well done. The price and compact-nature of it are certainly attractive, though I think I’d have the same concern as you: adjusting the resistance. However, I wonder if someone who was looking into something like this might not find that as important – if they just wanted something affordable that would allow them some low-impact exercise at home? If so, this looks like a great idea.
    Keep up the great work. Your site is looking terrific!

  3. Luis

    Hi Nnamdi, great review. I see that the Sunny Health Fitness Air Walk Trainer is a good bang for our bucks. It’s great that it doesn’t sound, that way people can use anytime without having to worry about bothering others. the price is another plus, it’s very affordable. The weight limit is kind of low, considering this machine would be good for losing weight. But, it’s as you say, it does come at a great price.
    Would you say that this machine works out our core?



    • Nnamdi

      Hello Luis, yes, it does work out the core and the whole body in general.

  4. Dragan


    I’m a total novice to fitness but this little machine seems to me very attractive. I would like to have one in my room 🙂

    Two questions for you.
    Does this machine have warranty?
    Does Amazon has international shipping for that kind of things and how much shipping cost to Croatia?


    • Nnamdi

      Hello, Dragan, thank you for the visit and to answer your question 1, it does not have any warranty, question 2, Amazon only ship to the United States but you can ship through your local courier services that specialize in helping people ship products from Amazon to their local country. You can Google it online, until then will you know how much the courier service will charge. Usually, it is always reasonable depending on the weight and size of the product that is to be shipped.

  5. Ronnie

    Thanks for the review. I am like you on the resistance thing. I like to challenge my body at whatever I’m doing. Whether it’s running, walking, a gym workout or riding my bike. I think I would rather pay a little more to get what Will work for me. I see you have other options so that is good. Thanks a lot.

  6. Garen

    Hey Nnamdi,

    My cousin actually owns one of these air walk trainers. She swears it’s one of the best pieces of fitness equipment she has bought in the past five years. She uses it for about 30 min a day five days a week. It is well put together. Her last one actually fell apart after a year. This one has lasted for a couple of years now.

  7. Justin

    Great Review,

    My girlfriend is looking for a compact fitness machine for our recreation room for days she cant make the gym.

    This could be a good solution!



  8. Jed

    That is a good review of the product. It’s good that you have listed the pros and cons as well. It can be a good machine for beginner as the manufacturer has not provided adjustments for resistance. This can be even better if they add the resistance adjustments. Thank you for your review.

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