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Sunny Health & Fitness SF- T7604 Electric Treadmill Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF- T7604 Electric Treadmill is the upgraded version of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill. There are some improvements that are done on it such as the upgrade of the maximum user capacity up to 265 pounds against 220 pounds for the SF-T7603, 18’’ X 51’’ running surface against 16’’ x 49’’ for the SF-T7603, 2.5 horsepower motor against 2.2 HP for SF-T7603 and 15 built-in programs against 9 built-in programs for SF-T7603. These are mainly the differences between the two treadmills. A review of Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7513 will soon follow as it has some interesting additional features as well, but for now, it is all about Sunny Health & Fitness T7604 Electric Treadmill review.

This unit just like the rest of the series has great features, but just that they differ in terms of the number of features available in each of them. Therefore if you are looking forward to having something that would keep you away from the membership gym, then this is your opportunity because it will be perfect equipment for your home gym. It will save you from the hassle of having to visit the gym even in the bad weather. Its motor is improved, built-in workout programs were added and the running surface was expanded a bit.

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Let’s have an overview of the features and pros of the Sunny Health& Fitness SF-T7604 Electric Treadmill.


  • It has got a powerful 2.5 horsepower motor that could run from 1 to 11 mph.Sunny Health & Fitness SF- T7604 Electric Treadmill Review
  • It has got 3 levels of manually adjustable inclines
  • It has got handrails controls that allow you to do pretty much everything on the go such as to control start, stop, adjust speeds and measure your pulse.
  • It has 15 built-in programs that were specifically designed to help you experience a challenging workout, burn fat and realize your fitness goals.
  • It has a device holder for phones
  • It has water bottle holder that would help keep water for hydration during a workout.
  • It has got a 2.5’’ x 2.5’’ LCD Monitor that keeps you motivated by displaying your workout data such as the time, speed, distance, and heart rate.
  • It has heart rate sensors on the handrails which enable your heart rate to be transmitted when in contact with your hands.
  • It has transport wheels that allow easy movement of the unit.
  • It has an easy folding mechanism that allows you to fold up and unfold the equipment without hassle for storage (hands-free); which means it also saves space for those that may be worried about limited space.
  • It has a running surface of 18’’ x 51’’
  • It supports 265 pounds maximum user weight.

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  • In as much as they improved on the running surface by adding a few inches to the previous model, I still think there is still room for improvement especially for those that would want to use it for running purposes. However, you don’t expect more given the price it is sold.

Product Dimensions

  • 5’’ Length
  • 5’’ Width
  • 53’’ Height

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping cost of this equipment all depends on where you are buying the product from. If you are purchasing from the Amazon, then there is no shipping cost because it is free. Moreover, you will stand the chance of buying it at a very low rate.

As for assembly, it is relatively easy to assemble the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7604 Electric Treadmill because it comes with the major components pre-assembled and an instruction manual that would guide you step by step towards assembling it is also included.


Sunny Health & Fitness products are known for their quality and great customer services, they are one of the fitness equipment manufacturers that are growing with a great reputation. Therefore, they make sure that their equipment meets the needs of the consumers before putting their name on it. So also the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7604 Electric Treadmill is one of such equipment that meets the company’s criteria of quality and useful features.

If you are looking forward to having something that is affordable, that would help you work out at home and stay physically fit then you might want to purchase this unit. However, I mentioned that the downside of this machine is the running surface; especially people who love to run will not find it convenient.

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