TC 3000- Bowflex Treadclimber Review

As you continue in the fitness quest, you may want to get an equipment that is a little bit different from the regular cardio machines. Something with added innovative features your workout could be a fun and yet very effective. TC 3000 Bowflex Treadclimber has been known to have such added features/advantage that can not be found in the regular treadmills.

This is one of a kind that has a stair climber, which can’t be found in other treadmills, making it have a touch of an elliptical trainer, but still a treadmill with a difference. Its ability to monitor every aspect of your workout with its inbuilt technology, could also be responsible for its high cost compared to others. You can achieve so much within a short period of time with the super efficient, low impact workout…

Therefore, I would say a perfect machine for those that love innovations and the feel of elliptical trainer and stairclimber.


  • Good for people that do not really have time to exercise or don’t want to exercise for TC 3000- Bowflex treadmill too long, because it delivers so much within a short time of exercise.
  • It monitors every aspect of workout, including calories burned, calories per minute, total steps, time, distance, time and speed.
  • Has 12 intensity settings that would fit both beginners and professional athletes
  • It is a very compact equipment that is best for people with a limited storage space
  • It has easy to read six electronic functions and five LCD windows
  • There is a place for a water bottle, magazine or even a remote control; which means you can either view a magazine, switch to your favorite tv channel and have water while on the go (exercising) without having to step out or stop your workout.
  • Has three-year warranty on motor, two years on electronics and parts, and one year on hydraulics
  • It has about 0.7 to 4 mph


    • As you can see, the speed limit is not so high, therefore, will not be suitable for people that would like to run above 4 mph.
    • Some people complained of not being comfortable with it because of their height. If you are somewhat above 6 feet you may want to look for a treadmill that has more room at the base, such as the Pro 2000 treadmill.
    • There were complaints of feet being too much for the foot treadles. Which means, it would not be fun for those with bigfoot.

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The TC 3000 targets the various muscles of the body due to its innovative features and its ability to offer three types of low impact cardio workouts. You can only best imagine a machine that is incorporated with stairclimber and elliptical trainer functionality. I think it has a very good edge over the rest of the treadmills out there.

If you are really looking for something that is more than just a regular treadmill, then TC 3000 is where to be. For this reason, most people think that it is a little bit pricey, I think it is, but it will worth it if it offers all you want and needs.

The place to get it at a discount price is on Amazon.

If you have any question, contribution or review about this product, please don’t hesitate to drop your comment below.

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