1. Heather

    Thanks for the great info – do you know if it burns more, less or the same amount of calories as a regular treadmill? I like that it is something different than a regular treadmill, and that it is still compact with all the features that I’m looking for.

    • admin

      Hello Heather, TC 3000 burns more calories in less time than the regular treadmills. This is an extra ordinary equipment designed to give you comfort and productivity.

  2. Julie

    Hi Nnamdi,

    Exercise and eating a healthy diet obviously is the smart man’s plan! Anyone who tends to stay away from these golden rules may not live into their golden years! Personally, I exercise daily and have my own veggie garden as well as many fruit trees.

    This machine looks like a very worthy machine that will give great benefits to those that will use it. Very good review!


    • admin

      Hello Julie, you are absolutely right by saying that exercising and eating healthily is the sure ticket to living a healthy life that is going to be filled with longevity. And that why I always say that, there is no amount of money invested in your well being that is too much. Investing in this equipment will be such investment.

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