1. Anny Pier

    I purchased on June 14/18 through Amazon. I like it very much. However I have read the operating instructions till Im blue and I am afraid I am not setting things the way they should.. Can you enlighten me

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Anny,

      Thank you for writing to us, and we shall be very happy to help.

      Yes, the Trbitty Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is an entry level bike that is recommendable.

      This is what you are going to do once the bike is assembled, adjust the seat and the handlebar to the level you are comfortable with by using the adjustment knobs. The seat can be adjusted 4 ways, i.e. upward/downward and forward/backward, while the handlebar can only be adjusted upward/downward.

      Then, use the tension knob with the redhead to adjust the resistance. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the resistance, and anticlockwise to decrease the resistance. This does not have specified resistance levels, therefore, you have to adjust until you feel you have the right resistance that is suitable for your workout.

      We hope this helps, but if you have a specific difficulty setting the bike, please let us know.

  2. Glad to know about this product. Well written review. I am a fitness freak people and so I will keep in mind about this home gym product. I also share it some of my friends. Thank You.

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