What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way

What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way

I suppose you are here because you want to get rid of that belly fat fast. Belly fat is What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way something everyone would like to get rid of, is that correct? Well, I think it is. Belly fat is not healthy for us, neither does it give a man or woman the desirable outlook. And that is why we must strive not to have one, or try to get rid of it if we have already gotten it.

But the good news is that belly fat can be taking care of.  And now, You may ask, what is the best way to lose belly fat fast?

Losing belly fat involves ways. Steps to losing belly fat basically involve eating and exercising right, it’s as simple as that. However, you have the option of using weight loss pills, but that is not what this article is all about.

It is believed that a man’s body contains about 43.2 pounds of fat, that is average.  Ordinarily, this figure can never be stagnant, it will either increase or decrease. And to increase or decrease this number is solely based on your lifestyle. And we are going to proffer good lifestyle that will effectively help you to lose that belly fat. And without further ado, let’s plunge into the best way of losing belly fat fast.

Food To Be Taking

There are two common types of food we consume, that is protein and carbohydrate. Now let’s analyze how the calories of these foods are burned out.

25-30 percent of calories in 1 gram of protein is burned out during digestion, whereas  6-8 percent of calories in 1 gram of carbohydrate is burned out during digestion. Therefore, do the math; well I think to eat more of protein than carbs is the answer!

Always watch out and avoid foods with ‘high fructose corn syrup’ in the ingredients. It has been established that the consumption of this substitute to sugar, which is used in soda and some foods have dramatically increased in the U.S, since 1971, thereby resulting in an increase in obesity.


In case you don’t know, cardio has been found to be more effective in losing fat. However, there are other ways to burn out fat, such as getting active in physical work like using the push mower, even if you don’t like doing it..

When you workout, do it while standing instead of sitting. ‘You will expend up to 30% more calories,’ so says Joe Stankowski. Do more of upper body supersets, than you would for the lower body.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way

When on Cross trainer, try to use it while your eyes are closed and hands off the handle, by so doing, your core muscles will work more by trying to keep you balanced on the cross trainer, as a result, you will burn more fat. You must be careful when doing this so that you don’t lose balance.

McGarr says- You should lift weight before doing cardio(running) because the same speed and intensity will cause a greater effect than when you run before lifting.

Try to be a more outdoor person, than spending a whole lot of time in front of the TV.


I wrote an article on ‘Psychology And Weight loss‘. You need to condition your mind at all times, to believe that losing fat is attainable. If the mind is not prepared, you will hardly achieve anything in losing weight. So, to positively keep your mind, you ought to be engaging in recreational activities that would make you be more fierce in your decision to lose belly fat. Watch movies such as; Rocky (For the Gym), Chariots Of Fire (For running), Without Limits (For running), or better still, you can always go for ‘Bodybuilding encyclopedia‘ Authored by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Breaking free from emotional eating if you are inclined to read books.

Challenge Yourself

Always try to outdo yourself from the last time you worked out. When running, try to run farther than you did previously, by doing so, you will be burning more calories each time you work out.

Sleep Enough

I can’t say this enough! Look at what happens when you don’t sleep well. Ordinarily, not What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way sleeping well can result to tiredness, and tiredness can make the body to produce more of ghrelin, which unfortunately induces craving, for not just any food, but for sugar and other fat-building foods! Sleeping at least 7 hours at night is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape.

Take More Of Vitamin C

Taking more of vitamin c will help to balance cortisol level that happens to go up when under stress. When cortisol level is affected, it will cause insulin sensitivity, that is responsible for belly fat. Vitamin c is a very good antidote for stress from work, bad day or even bad food. You could get more of vitamin c from Kale, Kiwi fruits etc.


A healthy lifestyle has always been the solution to a healthy living. When you try to adjust to these guidelines, you will begin to see results much faster than you think. However, I must note that it is ‘determination’ that will get you there. Believing in yourself, believing you can make ‘you’ better. It is never too late!

22 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast- Find Out The Easy Way”

  1. Garen

    I think a lot of people are interested in losing belly fat. I know over the years I have got some unwanted weight in my belly. I do try to limit my carbs which has really helped a lot in the past. I used the Keto diet. Have you ever heard of that?

    I guess you learn something new everyday; I had no clue that Vitamin C helps reduce belly fat 🙂


    1. Nnamdi

      Hello Garen,

      It is good to hear that you were able to lose fat through Ketogenic diet. I might even write an article on that soon.

      Vitamin c is a very good way of losing belly fat, therefore, do take plenty of it, it is good for your system.

  2. Don

    This is very good information. I am currently trying to loose weight before I go on vacation in Florida in June and I bookmarked your site so that I can use it as a guide. Do you have any more tips on how often I should do abdominal exercises? I would really appreciate it.


    1. Nnamdi

      Hello Don,

      Thank you for bookmarking this site. As to your question, working on your abs every other day will be fine. Getting results also depends on the intensity of your exercise. I would suggest you visit here for more tips on abs workout.

  3. Damon

    It’s funny that you mention using the push lawn mower. I just started working out again and on day’s I use my push lawn mower (usually one a week) I don’t use my Elliptical. Pushing a lawnmower to mow the grass is an amazing workout, that is if your yard is large enough. Takes me about 2.5 hours to push mow my lawn and that is hustling.

    1. Nnamdi

      Hello Damon,

      That’s a good one. So long it gives you result, that’s OK.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Wendy

    I am middle aged and it is even harder to lose belly fat at this age. I appreciate all of these tips. Thanks.

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Wendy, I hope you find some helpful information on this article.

  5. thsidilyn

    loool iv been working hard on my belly because i cant diet but with vitamin c i think it is possible ……

  6. tony

    Great post and I have been doing the workout and weight loss things for years as a trainer. Content on your site is a goldmine and will help many achieve their goals. Keep up the great work!

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Tony,

      And I will continue to bring forth quality contents such as this.

  7. Tony

    Hi Nnamdi

    Some great tips here on the best way to lose belly fat fast! I especially like your tip for when using the Cross Trainer and closing your eyes. I’d never thought of that before but I’m sure it would be very effective!
    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Tony for appreciating my work. Please do visit again.

  8. Rob Christian

    Excellent post! Belly fat is certainly an area of concern for me- specifically lower belly fat. I have been incorporating leg raises into my workouts, eating cleaner foods, and taking measures to ensure my metabolism is cranking at full-tilt. I have aspirations of competing in an amateur bodybuilding show one day and my lower abs are a weak point, so until I make some more progress, I will keep at it! Thanks for the info!

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you, Christian,
      Part of achieving is ‘determination’, with it you will surely achieve your objective. You might want to read this article to help accelerate your progress.

  9. CatchFire

    I have noticed that most older women (of which I am one) have pot-bellies… and I hate mine. I watch my diet and exercise a bit but it won’t go away. I may have to read more of your posts… sigh.

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Karen, and you can get rid of that belly in your pace.

  10. Travis

    Always a pleasure to come back to your site to get the latest info an diet and training. I find that some of the other sites do not know as much as you do when it comes down to explaining why and how we can have problems like you explained above in this article about belly fat.
    I’ve got you booked marked.

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Travis, for your commendations.

  11. Peggy Menke

    Wow, another great article, Nnamdi. You really have done your research, keep up the great work!

    1. Nnamdi

      Thank you Peggy, I am really glad that my audience are finding my work useful. Please do visit again.

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