XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike Review

The XtremepowerUS may not be as famous as the rest of the fitness equipment manufacturing companies but they have produced a range of quality and useful products that have their name on it including the XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike. This unit is very affordable and designed to provide the feeling of a real outdoor riding experience even as it also helps you to burn a lot of calories.

Basically, it is a bike for folks on a budget that still wish to get an indoor stationary bike added to their home gym forXtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike an obvious reason for keeping fit. The XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike will, of course, help you to improve your fitness, stay healthy and lose tons of calories.

There is a lot of approval of this unit by real Amazon customers who have actually purchased and used it and finally give their own opinion and experience of it. Nevertheless, it has few drawbacks we will not fail to mention in this review as we point out the features and pros. We do our review based on the information provided by the manufacturer and of course the reviews by users so that we can provide you with the right quality information that would ultimately help you make a wise decision in purchasing your choice indoor bike.

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  • The XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike has a 22 pounds flywheel that is designed to provideXtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike a smooth and consistent workout experience.
  • It is very affordable for those that on a budget and still wish to have cardiovascular equipment in order to improve health and fitness.
  • It has got easy to use resistance system that would help you experience challenging workouts that could ultimately result in burning a lot more calories. It does not have a fixed level of resistance as the case with other bikes but you can simply increase or decrease the resistance by twisting the resistance knob.
  • It has got a chain drive mechanism that offers smooth and quiet workouts; which means a lot for those of us that wish not to disturb family or neighbor while working out.
  • It has got LCD display that allows you to track your workout progress by displaying stats such as time, speed,XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike distance, calories and pulse. This is a very good advantage when compared to other bikes of its price range because they don’t have LCD display with a good number of readouts as this unit.
  • It is integrated with pulse sensors that are embedded in the handlebars so that your pulse rate can be transmitted to the monitor where you can view and maintain your target heart rate zone at all times during a workout session.
  • The seat and handlebars are fully adjustable to help you work out in your most preferred and comfortable position. This, of course, will help you to work out longer.
  • It comes with a free water bottle and holder that will help you keep water handy in order to stay hydrated throughout your workout session which is very important. It is not common to find bikes with free water bottles but they may have the water holder.
  • It is a durable unit because of its steel frame.
  • It is capable of supporting a user of 200kg/440 pounds weight. This is so because of its strong durable steel frame.
  • There are built-in transportation wheels designed to help and easily move around the room and for storage.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • If color is anything to you then you have the option of choosing which color for your upright bike from the available colors (blue and black, red and blue)

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We have observed few drawbacks of this unit which are;

  • There was a complaint about the seat being very uncomfortable and it moves back and forth even after tightening the knob. Hopefully, this could be solved by seat replacement that is if you find the seat a problem.
  • Again, if you are taller than 5 foot 5’’ it may not be suitable for you because there are complaints by users of this sizes complaining of not being able to straighten legs when working out.

We recommend you look up the Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-4013 Ultra-quiet Fitness Spin Bike as an alternative.

Product Specifications

  • 43’’ Height
  • 19’’ Width
  • 44’’ Length
  • Weighs about 61 pounds
  • Supports 441 pounds maximum user weight

Shipping and Assembly

Shipping cost of the XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike depends on the retailer you are purchasing from. Nevertheless, Amazon ships this unit for free but that may not be the case with other retailers.

Assembly has been reported to be very easy given the simple nature of the bike; although, the instruction manual is said to be translated badly but you can assemble it easily if you have the knowledge of assembling a standard upright bike or you can still take your time and read the instruction manual to walk you through the process of assembly.


Just like with most affordable upright bikes, you don’t have to expect too much from the XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bike but the majority of the users found it very useful and worth the investment. Nevertheless, if you are still not sure of what to do you can click here to read an alternative review or click right here to read reviews by actual users from Amazon (scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to read the reviews)

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