1. Steve

    This looks like a beast of an exercise machine! I think you’re right – the pros out way the cons… in terms of assembling the thing being a pain in the **s, any product like this always is.

  2. ido

    All though I prefer to work outdoors, a unit like this can be taken into account if I decide to purchase one.

    It looks good, it has everything someone could need for a unit like this.
    However what did bug me is the weight. From what you wrote it’s pretty heavy, and probably very stationary. From my experience with units of this sort, this is a major drawback, more than the company would probably want you to believe.

    Doesn’t the weight sounds a bit too much for this sort of thing?

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, Ido, I know some people might see that weight as a problem but some may not really worry about that. However, it has a transportation wheel but what can it do to a 235 pounds weight unit?

  3. Lawrence

    Hi there,

    Thanks sharing the features, it has rather a lot.

    It’s good to see that you’re being honest for including the cons to this fitness product.

    It does sound like a product I’d like to invest in at some point at I’m really interested in creating a home gym =)

    • Nnamdi

      That’s good to hear, and I am glad that this made an impression on you probably because of the honesty in the review and the pros of this unit.

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