Leg Exercises for Beginners-Simple to Perform

Leg Exercises for Beginners-Simple to Perform

Are you a beginner? Do you wish to start building your legs? Well, this is the article for you, because it will guide you in simple terms on how to exercise your legs. Leg exercises for beginners’ is tailored for folks that are just starting out to build the body, especially the legs.

Some people neglect their legs and make upper body building their focal point. I did make that mistake too but realize how ridiculous one can actually be without building formidable and good looking legs. It does not only affect your look but your balance as well. You make all the muscles in the upper body but have weak legs to support such a body; it is really not what it should be.

Hence, I have selected a few leg exercises for beginners to help you start early than having to do it later. These workouts will help build and exercise your glutes, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings.

It is noteworthy to mention the fact that most of the muscles in the body are found in the leg area and the buttock, as a result, it is only imperative to strengthen these muscles. This will also help to increase your athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Did you know that by training your legs the ‘’happy hormone’’ called the serotonin will be released optimally and endorphin which is the body’s natural painkiller?

Leg Exercises for Beginners

Front Thigh Leg Curls

The front thigh leg curls are particularly good for the thighs, unlike the deadlift, squats andLeg Exercises for Beginners-Simple to Perform leg press that work on the overall muscles in the leg. In other words, front thigh leg curls isolate and work on the thigh muscles.

How to Perform Front Thigh Leg Curls

This is performed by sitting on the leg extension machine, adjust the back and leg rest to a comfortable position, and the leg rest should be on your ankles. Grab the hand grips or the bench to keep yourself in a steady position, slowly raise your legs by using muscles in your lower thighs until your legs are stretched out in front of you. At this point, try to hold for a second and lower back to the starting position. Continue keeping the resistance in your thighs and do not let the weight to drop.

Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Leg Press

This is yet another way of building and toning the legs. It is a great way for beginners and Leg Exercises for Beginners-Simple to Performthe legs are capable of lifting heavier weight than your arms. For effective leg press, you would need far more weight than you would ordinarily need for upper body exercises, and the good news is that it is relatively safe to lift the weight with your legs.

However, apply caution and lift the weight you can comfortably handle and warm up with lighter weights before going for the max weight.

Leg press is done with a machine and it usually has the same technique and leg motion to squat. Some have argued that leg press has more effect to develop and tone the legs than the conventional squatting. Though in my opinion, you should try different exercises to know which gives you result than the other.

Personally, I found the leg press to be more effective especially in the area of the glutes while squatting develops the thigh muscles. Nevertheless, it all depends on foot placement and technique.

How to Perform Leg Press

Sit on the machine with your back flat on the backrest; don’t bend or let your upper body be in any crooked form so that your spine will be supported. At this juncture, place your feet flat (shoulder width apart) on the rest plate, push the plate and straighten your legs, but keep your knees a little bit bent. Slowly lower, the plate to 90 degrees level and hold for a second and then repeat the routine. Do not lock your knees, remember that!

When you decide to narrowly (i.e. less than shoulder width) place your feet on the rest plate, this will target the outer part of the thighs while shoulder width feet placement targets the central and inner thigh.

Do 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Calf Raises

It is believed to be the best exercise for calves. The preferred isolation exercise you can doLeg Exercises for Beginners-Simple to Perform at home or at the gym, that is with or without weight equipment. This is no doubt good for building and strengthening the calf muscles especially the two major muscles that made up the calves, the soleus, and gastrocnemius. This exercise requires a lot of movement in the ankles and as I said earlier, it can be done by using equipment or simply using a step or a level surface at home.

How to Do the Calf Raises

How to perform the calf raises on a machine is to place both of your feet on the raised platform with you standing on your toes and balls of your feet. Position your shoulders beneath the shoulder pads and lift using only your legs, toes and balls of your feet. Slowly lower yourself back to the start position.

Do 3 sets of 8 to 10.


These simple leg exercises for beginners will really impact you if you perform them as you should. They are simple yet effective to improve your stature and health. I do hope this was most helpful to you, and if you have any question or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.