1. Chris

    I feel like forearms are a forgotten muscle group, likes calves lol. Building better forearms tend to make you look more jacked. I mean consider the pump you get often when you do some sort of press exercise routine. Your forearms naturally pump up, making your entire arm look bigger. I actually hit them just with one exercise last night, standing forearm curls, and they are sore from just that. Thanks for the routine and the video tutorials, the give a good visual to each exercise. I myself am more of a visual learner. You also reminded me of the reverse wrist curl. Creating muscle striations in your upper forearm, leading to your wrist just looks awesome! Take it easy!


    • Nnamdi

      Thanks Chris, and I am so so glad that you really found my post very useful, it is encouraging. I can understand you are a gym freak too, keep it up man, because all we have got is our health and body; build that body.

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