Black And Decker 400 Watt Juicer

Black And Decker 400 Watt Juicer- Affordable Juicing

I love juicing machine because it enables me to make my juice out of fresh fruits and Black And Decker 400 Watt Juicer- Affordable Juicingveggies. And I know anyone that is intent in living a healthy lifestyle must have one of this, because it makes drinking juice fun and healthy. I have one juicing machine like the Black and Decker 400 Watt juicer, but the thing is that, I always have problem cutting the fruits or veggies into bits and also having to wash it after juicing.

But I must say, it is laziness on my own part, after all, I had it on a very cheap price. You know, you have to cut the fruits or veggies to bits because the Black And Decker 400 Juicer has a small chute. Well, you can’t have everything I guess. If you can get this machine at a price as low as $23, you won’t expect everything about it to be perfect. And I think it is fair! You just have to know what you can put up with this machine and know if you can buy it or not.

And I am going to help you understand what you can expect from Black And Decker 400 Juicer. I will outline the ‘Pros’ and the ‘Cons’ of this machine that will enable you know if this is the machine that you need. However, I have other reviews on Breville JE98XL Juicer, which may be on the high side in terms of the price but wonderful, and Omega Big Mouth Juicer which may be an alternative to Black And Decker 400 Juicer in terms of price and it has a very big chute. So, you can check them both out to finally compare and decide on which one to buy. But one things that is common with all of them is that, they are unique in there own ways.

Now let’s look at the Pros/Features of the Black And Decker 400 Watt Juicer:


These are the reasons why you should consider getting this juicing machine

  • Affordable– You or anyone can afford to buy this machineBlack And Decker 400 Watt Juicer
  • Juices Great– The Black and Decker 400 watt Juicer is great in juicing, and its ability in chewing through hard fruits like carrot is just amazing. It can really make and extract juice out of dry fruits that will also thirst good and healthy. You can make delicious juice with recipes from the internet with this machine and get a wonderful result.
  • Compact In Size– I love things that could fit in my apartment and I am sure you wouldn’t want something bulky that could take up space unnecessarily in your home. So, this machine is compact in size, such that you will be able to store it virtually anywhere you wish in your kitchen or any where else.
  • Easy To Clean Up– Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t like cleaning up my juicing machine, as a result, I find it difficult to use. Call it laziness if you like, but that is the truth, which may be the case with you too. But the good news is that, this machine is easy to clean up. However, you must do that upon finishing your juicing, otherwise, it will be difficult to clean up because you will have dry residuals that will be hard to come off later.
  • Warranty– Even at a very cheap price, it still has a 2 year warranty.
  • Custom juice cup– It comes with a custom juice cup that will enable you to collect juice, measure, pour and serve with convenience.

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Those are the some of the pros and let’s look at the ‘cons’.


  • It is noisy when in use
  • Pulp can spit out from the feed chute if not covered properly
  • And as we all know, it has a small chute that will require you to cut your fruits and veggies into smaller bits before juicing

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