Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviews

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviews

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is yet one of the best mid-range recumbent bikes available today and definitely ideal for home use. How sure are you, you might add, well, looking at the various factors indicate that this machine is great and ideal for the most recumbent bike enthusiast.  Hence the popularity it has received from its users especially Amazon customers.

We always tell our audience the best way to solve half of the problem associated with finding the best and ideal Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviewsfitness equipment is to look at its popularity. It is only a common sense when you find out how popular a product is then the rest of the determining factors become a lot easier to get over with.

In this review, we are going to let you know all about the popularity and of course the pros and cons of the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike.

What else that makes this machine tick or appealing is the beauty…not an empty beauty but one that is accompanied by a lot of useful features to help you realize your fitness goals with comfort and joy.  It is made with some level of durability which makes it to last and supports up to 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight.  It has got a unique vented seat with backrest that could make your workout enjoyable with less stress to the joints.

It provides challenging workout in a relaxed position with increased and tremendous back support. While the vented and well-contoured seat adjusts in the forward and backward positions via sliding rail in order to conveniently and comfortably accommodate different positions for multiple users. A user will be able to workout in a relaxed fashion with very minimum strain, thanks to its seat with the lower back support.

The large console has a lot of features on it such as the LCD monitor with 13 different display feedbacks, speakers, and more. The user will be able to track workout progress conveniently and stay focused and motivated as well. The machine features 22 workout programs, 9-course profiles, 20 resistance levels, a high-speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, contact heart rate sensors embedded on the handlebars and designed to monitor your heart rate.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike made it our best recumbent bikes reviews and you can still look it up if you are still on the hunt for another type and brand of a recumbent bike.

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The Frame/Sturdiness

The design of the Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike is such that makes it very sturdy even though it isn’t a very heavySchwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviews machine weighing just 81.6 pounds. It supports up to 300 pounds maximum weight capacity. There hasn’t been any sort of complaint regards to wobbling or movement during intense workouts.  You are rest-assured to experience stability during any sort of workout intensity from start to finish.

To further boost its stability there are 3 levelers on the bike to prevent any unbalance as a result of an uneven floor, however, it is advised to use rubber mat which is usually purchased alongside with machine underneath the equipment as well.  Two of the levelers are located at the back of the machine whereas the third one is at the middle of the frame. This strategic positioning of the levelers is to ensure that the machine does not move or wobble no matter how intense a workout gets.

The machine’s structure is made of steel and some parts are plastic and it can hold up pretty well. Thus, it has a very good warranty of 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the mechanical, 1 year for electrical and 90 days on the labor.

Most users have expressed satisfaction with the machine’s overall performance; nevertheless, there are some that think (they are at the very least) it is not worth the price.

The Resistance and Drive

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has 20 levels of Eddy Current Brake (ECB) resistance that offer outstanding Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviewschallenging workout and as well as easy workout.  It offers a quiet and smooth operation during a workout and a user can conveniently watch favorite TV or listen to music. This is because of its high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel.

A user that is equipped with such a machine as the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is definitely enabled to achieve those fitness goals.


Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike ReviewsThe most important aspect of working out with a good machine is the ability of the user to feel comfortable, right? This is undoubtedly the aspect everyone would expect and appreciate if a machine can offer that because it is not just the comfort that the user enjoys but it also allows the user to workout up to their potential without easily getting tired or bored.

Now, one would expect that with every recumbent bike because of their unique design especially the seat. The seat is usually wide, padded with backrest that could support the lower back. That being said, if the seat is not adjustable then there could be a problem because not many users will be able to be accommodated conveniently.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has a unique seat that is vented with the large design but not padded with cushion and made of plastic. It is also adjustable making it possible to accommodate different users of different sizes.  The seat has a rail system with an easy to operate the lever. Users can simply adjust the seat to their preferred and suitable workout position without any hassle.  Also, what the vented seat does is to allow air into the body keeping the user cool throughout the workout session.

There are reports that it can conveniently accommodate 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches individuals with little room to spare. Now, as for those that are 4 feet 10 or 11 inches, it can also accommodate them comfortably because a user who is 5 feet 2 inches says she fits in comfortably without entirely exhausting the seat forward adjustment.

The seat adjustment is not like some other machines out there that could require you to get off and loosen, reinsert in a hole and tighten up. All you have to do in order to adjust the seat is to simply press down the lever on the side of the seat and slide either forward or backward depending on what your height is and then lock it into place by lifting the lever back up again when you have achieved your preferred workout position.

Therefore, it is one of the easiest, simplest and quickest seat adjustment methods available in most indoor fitness equipment. It takes you virtually few seconds to adjust the seat into position and get on with your workout.


The machine is equipped with one piece crank including the spindle but they appear to hold up just fine. However, they are not as strong as the 3 piece crank that is found in some of their other models such as the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike which is the upgraded version. Although, there are no complaints from the users about the crank not holding up as it should.

The pedals are standard sizes which provide the right positioning for most users to experience comfortable pedaling and motion.


There are elements that are responsible for providing comfort in a recumbent bike or even spin bike and those elements are seat design/adjustability and handlebar design/adjustability. But in the case of a recumbent bike such as the Schwinn 230, the seat is what usually adjusts alongside with the handlebars.  The placement of the handlebars beside the seat also provides leverage to the user to be able to pedal comfortably while at the same time having grips on the heart rate sensors for the transmission of heart rate data to the monitor.

There is yet another set of handlebars located on either side of the console curved upward. These handlebars are not adjustable and do not have any heart rate sensors embedded in them just like the ones located on either side of the seat. They are mostly used when a user feels like having a change of workout position especially for upright or bend forward positions.

Both the handlebars sets are covered with a plastic coating to provide comfort and prevent blister to the hands.

The Console

There are many functions on the console including the LCD monitor that allows a user to monitor up to 13 different Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviewsdisplay feedbacks.  The Schwinn Connect tracks workout progress and also export data that keeps a user up to date on reaching fitness goals.  The LCD monitor is basically a dual track two window with a tablet holder somewhere in the middle of it. So, even when a user places a tablet on the console he will still be able to view the workout metrics.

The console also includes USB and MP3 Ports somewhere at the top. The USB port can be used to keep smartphone/tablet/MP3 devices from draining while in use. The same USB port is where a user can connect a USB drive to download workouts to fitness accounts, whereas the MP3 port is where a media cable can be plugged in to use the speakers.

There are two user settings available; which means 2 users can store their workout programs in the computer memory. Amazing the machine beeps each time you achieve a goal which can be a way of motivating the user to push harder. There are many functional buttons also on the console such as the quick start button, programs button, goal button, pause button and buttons for selection workout programs and set up the console.

Moreover, on the console, there are 3 small light indicators that also let you know when you have achieved a goal in a current workout, last workout or the last 7 days workout.

There are 2 speakers and a fan in the middle in the very below part of the console.

Unfortunately, this machine is not HR chest strap enabled but the sensors on the handlebars can give an accurate reading if gripped very well especially when the hands are moist and warm.

The Display readability is great and clear if it is in a well-lit room because it does not have a backlit type of display.

The can upload your workout results to Schwinn Connect and via the USB to help you assess and track your workout progress and know what fitness goal you have been able to achieve over time. It is also very possible to share them with others if you so desire.

The resistance and the monitor function with power, therefore, will not work without being plugged into the power outlet and the console does not have the option of using batteries.

A user can easily set up user profile by using one of the user settings to enter name, height, weight, sex, any preferred workout values, and age. The heart rate zone and calories burned will be tracked accurately when a user uses the user profile. However, you will get results base on default profile setting if the user did not update the custom user profile.

The machine has about 22 various workout programs that include 9 profile programs (3 fun ride, 3 mountain rides, and 3 challenges), 8 heart rate (4 beginner, 4 advanced), 2 custom user settings, 2 fitness tests (beginner, advanced) and 1 quick start.

The quick start button enables the user to start a manual program and simply adjust the resistance by pushing the resistance button.

The user also can modify the fun rides, mountain rides and challenges. Whereas the fitness tests are set program that increases resistance until the user reaches the test zone and measure the user’s heart rate and power output in watts. This gives the user a fitness score that he can use to measure achievements and improvement over time.

As you may have noticed above, the heart rate trains the user in 4 different heart rate zones (4 beginner, 4 advanced)


There are a number of accessories that come with the bike in order to improve the convenience and comfort of working out with it. It has a large water bottle holder on the left side of the seat which can be somewhat awkward to reach but it enables a user to keep hydration throughout workout session.

There is also a shelf on the middle part of the console designed to hold tablet, smartphone or MP3 device. This usually covers the upper display window but the user can still view workout metrics on the lower display window.  Therefore, a user can enjoy watching a movie, read Kindle or listen to music while working out.

There are 2 built-in speakers that provide sound out when connected to tablet or iPod. A media cable is included which could be used to connect the device (tablet or MP3) to the speakers then the user can adjust the volume or entirely control the output quality from the device being used.

There is also the 3-speed fan that is designed to keep the user cool through the entire workout session. The blowing of the fan is not that strong but enough for any user to be aware that he is using a fan.


The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has footprint of 64’’ L by 27’’ W and weighs about 81.6 pounds.

It does not fold up for storage but it is integrated with transport wheels at the front part of the bike. It can easily be moved to the storage location by grabbing the handlebar at the back base of the bike and tipping it towards the transport wheels.

The transport wheels tend to stick when used on a carpet or soft floor but are fine on the hard floor. However, you may want to be careful when using it on a wooden floor to prevent dents or scratches on the floor.

Approval Rating

At the time this review was written, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike has almost 800 Amazon customer reviews with an average approval rating of 4.2 out of 5. This is a very good indication and evidence that most users are satisfied with the bike’s quality and features.

They love the overall performance of the bike and one user, in particular, was very glad to express his satisfaction by saying that the bike helped him before and after knee replacement.

However, there are some that have complaints that have to do with receiving a defective bike or having one part or the other broken. But they are certainly in the minority as the majority say they could recommend the machine.

If you need to read the reviews for yourself just click right here and you can have access to them.

Product Dimensions

  • 64’’ Length
  • 27’’ Width
  • 50’’ Height
  • Weighs about 81.6 pounds
  • Supports up to 300 pounds maximum user weight


  • 10 Years on Frame
  • 2 Years on Mechanical
  • 1 Year on Electrical
  • 90 days on labor

Features/Pros Overview

  • Has 22 workout programs
  • 20 levels of Eddy Current Brakes (ECB) resistance for easy and challenging workouts
  • Heart rate sensors on the handlebars for heart rate monitoring
  • USB port that is capable of transferring data to the Schwinn Connect
  • High speed, high inertia drive system
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Media shelf for a tablet, MP3, or iPod
  • Water bottle holder to keep water handy for hydration during workouts
  • DualTrackk two LCD window system
  • 22 workout programs that include 9 profiles (3 fun rides, 3 mountain rides, and 3 challenges), 8 heart rate (4 beginner, 4 advanced), 2 custom user settings, 2 fitness tests (beginner, advanced) and 1 quick start.
  • Transport wheels for easy relocation and storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • The bike is durable and sturdy at every level of workout intensity
  • Great for both beginners and advanced users
  • Very smooth and quiet during operation and therefore can enjoy watching a favorite TV show, music and without having to worry about disturbing the family or neighbors.


  • The LCD display is not backlit therefore a user must use it in a well-lit room to be able to read metrics clearly
  • It is not telemetry enabled only the hand grip sensors available for heart rate monitoring which is not as accurate as the chest strap
  • Some individuals might find the plastic seat really uncomfortable, however, cushion/seat cover can be used to remedy the situation
  • The manual is not fully detailed and some users have complained about that, however, it can be found on the Schwinn website
  • The power cord is thin and can easily be damaged if care is not taken.

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Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The shipping cost and the number of days it takes to be shipped depends on the retailer you are purchasing the bike from, however, Amazon usually ships this bike for free and delivers to your doorstep within 3 to 4 days depending on your location.


The assembly of the bike is pretty easy but could take an hour to two to have everything assembled. Although the major parts are preassembled you need to fix the stabilizer bars, pedals, seat, handlebars, console, and water bottle holder.

An instruction manual is included in the package which should walk you through the process of assembly.

One thing to be certain of is the fact it does have a lot of pieces to be fixed. If possible, let 2 persons assemble it.


There are no much to do in terms of maintenance because even sweat does not get the flywheel. No fear whether the flywheel is going to be damaged by the sweat that gets in contact with it because none gets to it. Nevertheless, you need to wipe off sweat and dust from the machine frequently to eliminate any sort of dirt from causing a problem and besides, cleaning it will also make it look good.


We think this bike is recommendable that is the reason why it featured in our best recumbent bikes list in the first place. There are many reasons to vote a YES for the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike, one of the reasons being that it has a lot of features that could make most beginners and advanced users to appreciate it.

It is also quiet during operation which allows you to workout at any time of the day without the fear that you might be disturbing someone somewhere with noise.

Most of its customers on Amazon are impressed and they will recommend it to friends.

Therefore, look at the features and the approval rating and simply make your decision, it is as simple as that.

If you do have any questions you need answers to, do not hesitate to holler at us because we shall be glad to respond accordingly.

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