1. Chris

    Enjoyed this run down. Exercise bikes really are looking slick and compact these days.

    • Hello Chris,

      Thank you for dropping by and finding this post useful to you.

  2. The Keizer M3 plus indoor cycle looks outstanding. I can see that sitting in my living room right now, looks very well made and useful.

  3. Marcus

    Great Info man, I actually just finished building my home gym. The Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle 2014 could’ve been a great addition. I wish I would have seen your site a few months ago. I’ll be sure to save and bookmark it for the future….

    • Hello Marcus,

      That’s great! You can always look it up when ever you can. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. andyb

    Well this bike looks very nice and i bet its worth its price. what a pity it is out of my budget))

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