Best Affordable Treadmill-Pro Form Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The treadmill is one vital equipment for exercise, required by every sports person or individuals. Having a treadmill will not only save you the inconvenience, time and money you expend at the gym, but it will also enable you to do your jogging/running indoor instead of outdoor. It is so effective with the extra gadgets that help you to monitor your progress and makes exercise to be ‘fun’.

The treadmill is the perfect equipment for increasing performance and weight loss. And the best affordable Treadmill is the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill. It also has a lot of features that will best suit you. If you are a person with good taste and on a budget go for Pro-Form 2000 Treadmill.


  • It is a machine that has the capacity of 12 mph at just on finger tap.
  • 7′ Oversized Backlit Display with ifit compatible, plus a compatible music  port for iPod
  • It is ifit technology compatible
  • It has about 32 Workouts apps
  • Has a coolAire Workout fan
  • Unlimited workouts, built by a certified personal trainer
  • You can customize your workouts and even compete with friends
  • It will enable you to track your progress automatically
  • You can measure your daily progress with the 7′ Backlit display
  • Quick Incline and Quick Decline controls
  • Instruction manual included
  •  Lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty and 2-year labor warranty.

Made up of steel and PVC, dimension: L 80′ X W 40′ X H 63′. Has a weight of 230 lbs.

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  • The issues are not serious, however, you will hardly hear the music from the podcast because of the fan and belt.
  • And the display does not show the pace, only the speed which users are mostly accustomed to seeing.


There are different kinds of a treadmill with different features and price tags. ProForm Pro cooltext1182331390790652000 Treadmill is for people who are on a budget and still want to get the full benefit of a treadmill. With this treadmill, you will find ‘fun’ in exercising instead of a routine. You will also be able to achieve optimally on your goals, be it enhancing body performance or losing weight.

The price is $1299, and the cheapest place to get one is at the Amazon.

I will be reviewing the other types of Treadmill soon!


8 thoughts on “Best Affordable Treadmill-Pro Form Pro 2000 Treadmill

  1. My treadmill is going to going to the great treadmill place in the sky pretty soon by the look of it. I’ve had to have it repaired 3 times already this year and each repair is more expensive than the last. The repair guy has been good to me but says it’ll cost me more to maintain it than to buy a new one at this point.
    It is also beginning to sound more like a tractor every day and I don’t want my whining neighbour on my case again.
    My treadmill doesn’t have the bells and whistles of this Pro Form Pro 2000 and I’m not sure that I need them but does look like a reasonable alternative – though I’ll check out one or two more reviews before making a final decision.

    1. Hello Eoin,

      You are really funny with that part ‘it’s beginning to sound like a tractor’! lol. Well, you sure need to replace that, before it will get you ‘sound like a tractor’. Just kidding, lol. Well, it is a good idea to have some more reviews on that Pro Form Pro 2000 Treadmill before making a buy.

      Thank you for checking out my post, do visit again.

  2. I suppose the great thing about having a treadmill like this is that you can get your exercise even when the weather outside is bad. So, if it’s raining hard you can just turn on the TV and get your exercise. Do you think it works out cheaper in the long run to have your own gym equipment like this than to pay a gym membership?

    1. Now that’s a wonderful point you made there Marcus!

      And to answer your question; it all depends on how much you are paying for gym registration. But I do think that that the convenience and privacy it offers is great. Now you may add the money saved for gym too.

  3. I haven’t used a treadmill in quite a long time, in fact, usually if i’m deciding to run at all I go to the local school’s running track! It’s got a soft black top that is nice for running. This looks like a great treadmill but feel as though people could save a lot of money and time learning to run on their own ya know? 😉

    anyways, this was an amazing review!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Yea Matt! Having a treadmill at home is not as the same as going to the school’s running track. They both have there different unique advantages. However a treadmill will provide you with some ‘progress report’ and convenience, and ‘fun’ while doing your exercise.

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