1. Andrew

    Hi! Thanks for this overview. It is a great equipment for a normal price. We don’t need really more functions and lot of us are surely satisfied with this one. Maybe a present or your sister or mom?
    Best wishes

  2. paul

    Hi, I really like your review and think that this bike is a great one. Lots of options and easy to use. Easy setup is good for me being that I have two left hands and am really bad at putting thing together. Thanks

    • Nnamdi

      In that case you won’t have problem setting up this one

  3. Brenda S

    looks like a product you can stay motivated on and to keep going at it

  4. Helen

    Nice review and looks like a very compact unit that would fit anywhere in any size accommodation. I don’t personally use this type of equipment but I do like your review of the product.

  5. June Danks

    I have to say that I am very impressed by the amount of knowledge within this review, I’ve been looking at exercise bikes for my family and myself but the biggest problem is that we range in height not to mention the age difference, my Husband is 6’6″ my youngest is 6’3″ and I’m 5’2″ and therefore the Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnet Recumbent Bike sounds great and exactly what we need although my Son might complain about the colour, Pink is not really his shade 😉 Perfect for me though! Your link is extremely useful and very helpful, all I need with just one click, very smooth and has most certainly made it easy for me to make a future purchase 🙂 just need the rest of the family to agree! I will be taking a look at Sunny Health and Fitness for other products also, great to have recommendations makes for an easy life.

    Thank you very much 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you so much, June,but just so you know, if you are making the purchase make sure you buy from an Amazon seller that has good customer service rating in order to avoid any issues you may have arising from a malfunctioning unit.

  6. Suzanne


    Great review of a good entry level exercise bike. If I’m honest the pink color puts me off a little. I will take a look at Sunny Health and Fitness for other products. Have you reviewed any?


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