1. Jayden

    I am a sportsman as well! I love your post!
    You provide much information about the Bowflex 552 Adjustable Dumbbells!
    I will recommend my friends who like to do workout to follow your site!
    Hope you keep on posting more posts related to workout and sports!

  2. Kyle

    This is a very unique kind of dumbbell. I am active in working out and I have seen dumbbells like this before and can definitely recommend this product. It definitely saves space and money spent on all different weights of dumbbells. Nice article.


    • Nnamdi

      It sure saves money and space and also allows the user to adjust conveniently without having to manually load and unload.

  3. Arthur Siew

    wow, this is a great dumb bell to use. I dun have to take out the stopper thing manually ! I just need to put down and adjust it and that it !

    • Nnamdi

      Yes Arthur, no manual thing just adjust in a sec and you will be jerking up.

  4. Will

    Wow, these look like some futuristic piece of dumbells, I like to exercise at home so I have some dumbells at home as well. DO you know if these rubber become sticky after a while?

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, Will, it will certainly go bad at some point, even human beings die let alone a piece of equipment, but the issue is that, will it last, yes it could last before anything goes wrong.

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