Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine Review

The Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine with model number AR5600 is a rowing machine that is worth looking at even though it is not well known to many rowing machine users. It is a machine with low-impact yet work on the full body. So, it will be OK to say that it is the perfect addition to any home gym. It has got all the features that would help anyone achieve his or her fitness goals conveniently. This is so because it has got some set of features that ensure comfort that will ultimately motivate a user to workout longer which will in turn impact positively on the outcome of the workout.

Such features are the upholstered/padded seat and the largely adjustable footplates and of course the non-slip handle grip. When comfort is achieved or experienced it maximizes performance. The Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine targets the major muscle groups in the body. It strengthens the muscle groups such as the shoulders, upper/lower arms, abdominals, upper/lower back, hamstrings, calves, buttocks, and quads. It sounds like all in one package.

Let’s look at the features and pros one at a time.


  • It has got 8 levels of adjustable resistance with the simple twist of a knob. Aside from Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine Reviewthe convenience of getting into the level of resistance you desire while working out, it also ensures a challenging workout that would help the user burn more calories. It combines air resistance with magnetic resistance to produce formidable resistance. The harder and faster you pull the flywheel fan will produce more resistance.
  • It large LCD monitor can easily be read which displays the workout data such as the time, meters, calories, strokes per Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine Reviewminute, level, and watts. Interestingly, it has 3 program modes that allow you to set a target on time, distance, or calories. You can choose to set a target of losing 300 calories by setting the program to 300 and starts to row until the 300 goes to 0, which means you have been able to burn out 300 calories.
  • It has got a well-padded seat that will ensure comfort during a workout. We all know that when comfort is achieved a user can work out longer and thus achieve a good result.
  • For those that have an issue with space in their apartment, this will a perfect unitConquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine Review because is foldable. Therefore, it can be folded and put away for storage when not in use.
  • The Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine’ frame is made up of aluminum-steel. For a smooth and quiet glide of the seat, its rail is made of extruded aluminum, whereas the other parts such as the front and rear stabilizers, and the front bar that sustains the resistance system are made of steel.
  • It has foot straps that are adjustable and also ensure that your feet are secured while working out to avoid any accident of slippage.
  • It has built-in wheels for easy transportation

Product Dimensions

  • 44’’ Height
  • 96’’ Length
  • 20’’ Width
  • It supports 300-pounds maximum user weight


  • 3 Years on Frame
  • 1 Year on Parts

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It does not have a heart rate receiver and it still kind of occupy space even after it has been folded for storage.

Shipping and Assembly

  1. The shipping cost all depends on where you are buying the unit from; should you be buying from the Amazon, the shipping cost is free and they sell at a discounted price as well.

Assembly is relatively easy as the main components are preassembled and you have got the instruction manual that will assist in setting up the machine in no time.


The things I like about the Conquer Indoor Magnetic Air Rowing Machine is that it has got this sleek appearance, its 8 resistance level is quite cool, it folding ability saves space even though it will still occupy a certain amount of space, and of course, it 3 pre-set programs cannot be ignored.

But I don’t like the fact that it does not have a heart rate receiver which is vital to know your heart rate zone during a workout.

However, it all depends on what you want and if you are fine with the features of this machine, and also the price.

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